Outsmarting Contact Centre Fraudsters with Supercharged Voice Biometrics

Download the latest white paper from Opus Research – "Outsmarting Contact Centre Fraudsters with Supercharged Voice Biometrics".

​Fraudsters are vigilant and determined to exploit weaknesses within all customer channels. While voice biometrics is one of the most effective weapons in the defense against contact center fraud, its potency may be significantly improved through the analysis of historical interactions of caller voices. Traditionally, voiceprints are used for authentication and audio recordings for customer service insights. But the latest advances in machine learning techniques now enables the exposure of previously undetected fraudulent intent. Using those technology advances enables the formation of formidable watchlists that exposes previously unknown fraudsters and prevent future attacks. Additionally, the automation of this process allows companies to maintain pace with the growth in contact center fraud, accelerating the quality and scale of fraudster voice-watchlists and delivering exponential benefits to the business.

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