Voice of the Customer Solutions

Build a complete customer view, drive transformative action

NICE solutions capture customer feedback and interactions, transform them into role-specific insights, and manage effective follow-up, setting you up to confidently prioritize your game-changing customer experience improvements.

Real-time feedback for complete insight

NICE Satmetrix, the core of the voice of the customer portfolio, brings you a uniquely comprehensive view of the customer experience across all touchpoints and functions, delivering both breadth and depth. Bringing together more forms of customer feedback and insight than any other solution, NICE Satmetrix guides your work.

Gather direct feedback from your customers in real-time, across all channels and touchpoints. Deliver surveys via email, smart web and app integration, SMS, and more. NICE's timely, personalized, and conversational approach improves both the rate and quality of survey responses, for maximum business value.

Don’t forget indirect feedback and behavioral analytics, which let you uncover the insights in verbatim feedback and interactions with your team, whether in text or recorded speech. NICE solutions include state-of-the-art natural language processing and text and speech analytics using its Nexidia technology. Reveal more detail and insights by incorporating customer data in the form of activity analytics, customer journey analytics, and more.

Powerful analytics serve every role

Data on its own won’t do much for you. But NICE Satmetrix combines a suite of powerful analytics that go beyond anything you’ve seen before. Collected in curated, configurable dashboards created for each role, or delivered via push reporting or two-way integration, our analytics open your eyes and drive engagement. NICE analytics capabilities include:

  • Drill dow n with  advanced analytics including sentiment, correlation, key driver, and root cause analysis
  • Take advantage of natural language processing and text analytics
  • Let speech analytics (a NICE exclusive) reveal even more
  • Gauge the emotional state of your customers by analyzing their voices for tell-tale variations in pitch or tone
  • Track hot topics - the most frequent topics mentioned by customers, identifying trending customer satisfaction issues
  • Tap into machine learning and predictive analytics

Operationalize employee engagement

Leverage analysis, reporting, and automated action alerts and workflows to quickly recover dissatisfied customers, provide effective real-time next-best-action guidance, reward employee performance, and fix broken processes.

Our VOC solutions turn insights into improvements, inspiring customer loyalty and employee engagement.

  • Set customer experience-related goals for each individual employee based on their specific responsibilities, skill set, performance, etc.
  • Target coaching at specific employees and behaviors that will have the most impact on the  overall customer experience.
  • Improve operational processes and provide feedback for product/pricing issues.

Gain agility with radical self-service

Forget waiting for time-consuming, expensive services. With NICE Satmetrix, you control every aspect of your system: dashboard design, workflow management, data hierarchies, survey design, and more.

But you also have access to our robust, comprehensive online expertise. From configurable templates that are built right in, to role-specific training materials, you’re guided every step to the way. Our consulting, success, and service teams help keep you focused on the big picture and help you achieve your program goals.

VoC White Paper is Your Company Worth the Effort External December 2013