Analytics for Real-Time Insight

Powerful analytics serve every role

Data on its own won’t do much for you. But NICE Satmetrix, the core of the NICE voice of the customer solution, combines a suite of powerful analytics that go beyond anything you’ve seen before.

This game-changing customer experience management software delivers capabilities beyond what you’ve imagined. Collected in curated, configurable dashboards created for each role, or delivered via push reporting or two-way integration, our analytics open your eyes and drive organizational engagement. NICE analytics capabilities include:

  • Drill down with advanced analytics including sentiment, correlation, key driver, and root cause analysis
  • Take advantage of natural language processing and text analytics
  • Let speech analytics (a NICE exclusive) reveal even more
  • Gauge the emotional state of your customers by analyzing their voices for tell-tale variations in pitch or tone
  • Track hot topics - the most frequent topics mentioned by customers, identifying trending customer satisfaction issues
  • Tap into machine learning and predictive analytics

NICE Satmetrix capability highlights

  • Gathers structured and unstructured real-time feedback, enterprise-wide
  • Omni-channel - SMS, email to web, SMS to web, IVR, online, third-party data import
  • Configurable and visually intuitive dashboards based on role-specific templates
  • Real-time, intelligent alerting capabilities for a robust closed loop; set alerts based on feedback, metrics, or trends
  • Automated, configurable workflows to ease program management and ensure the right follow up
  • NLP engine unlocks verbatim feedback; advanced analytics include sentiment analysis, root cause analysis, and hot topics
  • Extensive range of out of the box reporting tools, along with customized reporting capabilities
  • Global language capabilities for seamless world-wide operations
  • Self-service system administration that gives you complete control of your whole program
  • Integrated best-practice training and guidance so you can get it right, plus personal consulting and customer success resources

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