Self-Service for Agility

Gain agility with radical self-service

Forget waiting for time-consuming, expensive services. With NICE Satmetrix, the core of the NICE voice of customer suite, you control every aspect of your system: dashboard design, workflow management, data hierarchies, survey design, and more. Set up your customer experience management program just how you like it, and adapt instantly to business needs.

But you won’t go it alone. You also have access to our robust, comprehensive online expertise. From configurable templates that are built right in, to role-specific training materials, you’re guided every step to the way. Our consulting, success, and service teams help keep you focused on the big picture and help you achieve your program goals..

NICE Satmetrix capability highlights

  • Gathers structured and unstructured real-time feedback, enterprise-wide
  • Omni-channel: SMS, email to web, SMS to web, IVR, online, third-party data import
  • Configurable and visually intuitive dashboards based on role-specific templates
  • Real-time, intelligent alerting capabilities for a robust closed loop; set alerts based on feedback, metrics, or trends
  • Automated, configurable workflows to ease program management and ensure the right follow up
  • NLP engine unlocks verbatim feedback; advanced analytics include sentiment analysis, root cause analysis, and hot topics
  •  Extensive range of out of the box reporting tools, along with customized reporting capabilities
  • Global language capabilities for seamless world-wide operations
  • Self-service system administration that gives you complete control of your whole program
  • Integrated best-practice training and guidance so you can get it right, plus personal consulting and customer success resources

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