​NICE Uptivity Speech Analytics ​
for Mid-Market Contact Centers

​​​​​​​​​​What could your customer calls be telling you?

Research shows up to 80% of your customers choose voice calls as their form of contact. If you aren't analyzing that call data, you could be missing critical insights for improving agent performance and customer satisfaction.

NICE Uptivity Speech Analytics unlocks the hidden value within recorded voice interactions, combining best-of-breed technologies to quickly categorize and analyze your voice communications. Ours is a unified analytics platform, with a scalable analytics engine as its foundation, combined with neural network-based language models optimized for telephony audio, and a BI engine designed specifically for the contact center. 

Process calls from all customer interactions. Use rule-based logic to target analytics processing to calls handled by specific agents or queues. Choose from over 50 languages, or combine languages for multilingual contact center analytics.

Flexible functionality uncovers rich insights

Phonetic Indexing - By converting the entire conversation into a string of phonemes, the basic units of speech, our indexing technology enables predefined word and phrase identification and free text search (pending release 2018), making it ideal for assessing and categorizing calls. Use the results of categorization to implement targeted quality management processes. When combined with NICE Uptivity Performance Management, measure how customers are contacting you, and the results of those contacts.

Speech-to-Text Transcription (STT) - Turn entire audio exchanges into standard text, facilitating deeper data mining that quickly uncovers root causes/issues. Use word and phrase clouds to identify trending topics in customer interactions. (Pending release 2018.)

Voice analytics can draw conclusions from the content of calls based on a multi-level understanding of their content. One component might file a customer interaction under a given topic. Another will connect that interaction to similar discussions in the same timeframe. The combined impact can help you identify hot topics or inquiries and point you toward the right decisions for better workforce management and a stronger overall customer experience at every touchpoint.