​​​​​​NICE Uptivity Quality Management​
for ​Mid-Market Contact Centers

​​​​​​​​​​​Set the bar for call center quality and achieve it

The question of "quality" as it relates to customer experience can be incredibly subjective. But with accurate data analytics and reporting, you can be confident the bar you set for quality customer experience and agent performance is being met — or isn't. And if it's not, take quick action to realign your people and systems, and get back on track fast.

NICE Uptivity Quality Management solution provides your quality assurance and management staff with a clear way to evaluate employee performance, ensure adherence to corporate procedures, maximize staff productivity and deliver on customer satisfaction with every interaction.

Tools to create and maintain top performance standards

Quality Management offers a diverse range of reporting options to quickly and easily monitor center performance and optimize service and performance levels.  Ready-to-use reports help you spot and address trends as they emerge at the group or individual level. Identify your top performers as well as those individuals in need of coaching. Nice Uptivity Coaching and Training helps you design and provide them with the learning opportunities they most need to excel.

Quality Management capabilities include:

  • Conduct agent evaluations and employ self-evaluations, then calibrate evaluators across measures
  • Complete performance scoring easily using simultaneous playback-synchronized call and screen recordings
  • Use our flexible, easy-to-use form builder to create custom forms in minutes
  • Capture valuable insights and create detailed reporting to inform better workforce management decisions
  • Take advantage of the included library of standard reports or create and share your own customized reports
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