​​​NICE Uptivity Desktop Recording
​for Mid-Market Contact Centers 

Gain valuable insight from desktop interactions

When it comes to customer interactions via email or chat, do you know the outcomes of those exchanges and why? Effectively recording and analyzing these sessions can provide greater insight into agent performance and customer satisfaction levels.

NICE Uptivity Desktop Recording provides customizable recording options— 100% or sampled recording, triggered by call recording, time-based, triggered by third-party applications—for more effective performance monitoring of on-screen interactions while on or off the phone. It's a powerful solution for use with blended agents or off-phone agents, both in the contact center and in the back office.

With the Desktop Recording solution you receive:

  • Full motion video, captured at variable bit rate that appears seamless to users
  • Live-monitoring of single or multiple agents at one time
  • Support for multiple monitors
  • Continued recording of after-call work when the phone conversation ends
  • Blackout sensitive information to comply with PCI regulatory requirements
  • Synchronized with call recording - play back call and desktop recording simultaneously to identify workflow issues and improve customer satisfaction
  • Integrates with NICE Uptivity Quality Management
  • Click-and-drag zoom for specific areas of interest
  • Easy exporting, archival and sharing of recordings through standard (MPEG or .AVI) or encrypted formats