​NICE Uptivity Desktop Analytics
​for Mid-Market Contact Centers

​​​​​​​​​​​Transform desktop actions into learning opportunities

What happens on the desktop shouldn't stay there. Our Desktop Analytics module seamlessly integrates with your employee desktop workstations to extract relevant interaction data, then lets you use these valuable insights to strengthen agent performance, as well as customer interactions and outcomes.

Use Desktop Analytics to easily attribute call recordings with customer data captured on-screen for a more comprehensive record of the interaction. Makes subsequent search and retrieval of specific customer/agent exchanges easy to find and access.

Secure recording for compliance with your business processes

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliance is a critical but often challenging aspect of your contact center operations. Desktop Analytics allows you to continue use of your quality management process while securely storing recordings according to PCI DSS Compliance standards, ensuring sensitive payment information is not captured or retained by call and desktop recordings.

Desktop Analytics monitors the business applications used by your contact center agents, invoking pause-and-resume recording functions during entry of sensitive information.  When combined with Desktop Analytics, NICE Uptivity Recording is your solution for:

  • PCI compliance, where agents interact with orders and payment information
  • HIPAA compliance, when working with Healthcare and patient records
  • MiFID compliance for financial transactions

NICE Uptivity also offers API access to pause and resume functions facilitating integration of secure recording controls directly into your applications. Manual pause and resume control can also be provided to agents via Uptivity On Demand or Desktop Ticker applications.