​​NICE Uptivity Coaching and Training ​
for Mid-Market Contact Centers ​​

​​​​​​​​​​​Help your agents reach their full potential

Your agents are your contact center's greatest asset. When they encounter performance challenges, give them the right tools to help enhance their skillset and equip them for success.

NICE Uptivity Coaching and Training offers an effective way for agents to gain awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, engage a variety of content for rapid, retained learning and track their improvement.

Coaching and Training gives you greater training consistency without investing in a complete online university. Provide effective and consistent learning quickly by replacing on-the-job monitoring sessions with recorded, standardized calls, pre-screened for content and quality.

Timely feedback for accelerated agent development

Coaching and Training lets you use an agent's own recorded customer interaction history to guide their individual learning plan and development, while maintaining a benchmark of knowledge and performance expectations across your contact center team.

Solution highlights include:

  • Customized curricula and training materials based on performance role or group
  • A variety of training material content and formats (videos, recordings, documents, slide shows, etc.)
  • Ability to categorize and organize content library for intuitive navigation and learning
  • Tracking and reporting capabilities to simplify feedback loops and fast-track agent development