​NICE Uptivity Call Recording
​for Mid-Market Contact Centers ​

​​​​​​​​​​​Don't just answer the call, analyze and act on it

When it comes to contact center channels, nearly 80% of customers still choose voice calls as their preferred method for reaching out. Are you listening to—and using—what they say?

NICE Uptivity Call Recording promotes quality monitoring, process compliance, dispute resolution and agent coaching and training.  Being modular, you can easily configure the flexible call recording system to your unique specifications, so you can record only what you need, when you need it.

Call Recording is uniquely scalable letting you add functionality and agents on a timeline that makes sense for your organization.

Our flexible call recording capabilities include:

  • Priority-based scheduling to customize call recording based on user-defined variables and rankings to ensure that high-priority calls are not missed
  • Block call recording on specific call profiles or create custom recording rules based on call direction, ANI, DNIS, VDN and more
  • Priority-based archiving to decide which call recordings are stored short term and which are archived indefinitely
  • Synchronized with desktop recording - play back call and screen recording simultaneously to identify workflow issues and improve customer satisfaction
  • Secure storage and transmission of all audio and video recordings supports PCI compliance
  • Unlimited user playback licenses promotes coaching and feedback while improving employee engagement