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Real-Time Personalization

They say a sign of a good relationship is finishing off each other’s sentences. Well a mature CX program isn’t so different – by leveraging all available data, feedback and interaction analytics you can anticipate and meet each customer’s particular needs – sometimes even before the customer is aware of it.

With personalization, customer-specific real-time CX program decisions and triggers can be made across all channels and touchpoints. Such personalization insights can signal, for example, which products and self-service options should be offered to a particular customer to improve their experience.


To establish a single customer view, many different customer data sources are assembled to form a complete record of every interaction an individual has had with a company. These series of touchpoints or, when available, full customer journeys can be assembled into a customer identity graph.

  • A responsive and flexible identity graph creates value from customer data by:
  • Using every interaction in all customer journeys for guiding real-time decisioning.
  • Reducing time to insight and action by leveraging all the available data immediately to assemble the most up-to-date view of any customer.
  • Providing scalability, handling Big Data efficiently and connecting multi-channel customer journeys at any scale.
  • Using each customer’s predictive profile to create powerful insights regarding which products and services are most appropriate for each customer at any given point in time.
  • Documenting the outcome of any outreach to customers and automatically updating the customer profile accordingly.


Personalization, as a CX program element, has been shown to improve acquisition efficiency rates, as well as increasing up-sell and cross-sell conversions. It has also been key to reducing churn and optimizing service to meet a long-term goal, such as maximizing a customer’s lifetime value (in some cases improving ROI for the CX program by an order of magnitude).

Find out how NICE Real-Time Personalization can help you improve customer experiences today.


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