​​​​​​​​​​​Desktop Tagging

​​​Know what's important in your recorded interactions​

Imagine a very clever personal secretary, assigned to every customer interaction – taking careful notes of valuable information, ignoring the unimportant, and knowing what special details you're going to eventually want to cross-check.

That's NICE Desktop Tagging.

It monitors every activity on your agent's screen during customer interactions. But, much like our smart secretary, Desktop Tagging simultaneously creates metadata files with customer demographics, status, purchases, and other identifying information. You can designate events for tagging, according to your specific needs and interests, including any data derived from the employee's desktop applications.

Precision monitorin​​g for quality assurance

Make it easy for Quality Managers to distill the most relevant calls for employee evaluations, according to your service and business KPIs:

  • Calls about specific campaigns, products or workflows
  • Types of interactions - actual orders, upselling, cancellations
  • Script adherence
  • Compliance verification

Sales Verifi​cation

Handle customer sales disputes faster and more effectively by tagging critical parts of interactions.

  • Customer consent
  • Disclosures
  • Offers made

Rich data for com​prehensive interaction analytics

Enrich your understanding of your customers by integrating Desktop Tagging with NICE Interaction Analytics.

  • Understand different customer behaviors by tagging specific customer/call types (e.g., premium customers, competing products)
  • Identify customers at risk of churn by designating "red flag" events
  • Leverage data for fine grain root cause analysis

Flexibility and si​mplicity

  • Works with any desktop apps - CRM, Billing, Knowledge Management, email/chat, Help Desk applications, etc. 
  • Works with web or client applications
  • No programming skills needed to define tagging events

Tagging for Authe​ntication and Fraud Prevention

Using desktop application data, we can extract a customer's ID and connect it with the customer's voice, to create a unique voice print for authentication and fraud prevention.

  • Existing customers are automatically enrolled in the voice authentication system
  • Call risk scores can be quickly assigned based on call type (e.g. calls with large transaction figures will be scored as 'high risk')
  • First step toward the NICE Real-Time Authentication solution​

Easy upgrade for real-time​​ guidance and a​utomation

Desktop Tagging shares the same real-time platform and can be easily upgraded to our Real-Time Service Optimization solution, for real-time agent guidance and process automation. 

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