​​​​​​​​​​​Real-Time Decisioning​

Mak​e profitable decisions on the fly

Your customer service organization serves thousands, maybe millions, of people a day, via the web, digital devices, contact centers and other channels. How can you instantly make the right decision to meet their changing needs, to make them feel understood and valued? And how can you do so consistently, across any number of interaction channels?

​With NICE Real-Time Decisioning

We integrate real-time information from the existing customer interaction with previous customer profile data to deliver next-best-action options straight to the employee's desktop. Context-sensitive pop-ups, triggered by the employee desktop actions, guide them through any scenario, from start to finish, collecting and presenting the most relevant information and actionable-links they would need at any point in the interaction. This smart decisioning engine, also initiates process automation, to replace some of the routine manual employee activities with accurate and efficient automated ones.

  • Individualized to the employee, customer and interaction
  • Within milliseconds - as the customer interacts with your company
  • Across all channels

Fast, personalized and effective service resolution reduces customer churn, improves customer satisfaction, and increases sales conversion rates.

How does I​t know what to do?

Our Real-Time Decisioning engine analyzes multiple factors to interpret real-time inputs and past data and deliver next-best-action recommendations: ​

  • Contextual cues from live interactions
  • Employee performance
  • Desktop activities and application usage
  • Predetermined business rules
  • Customer profile information

Automated f​​or faster response times

To make your customer's interaction as seamless as possible - and your employee's life as simple as possible - we have automated back-end actions needed for efficient real-time decisioning, such as: ​

  • Interaction tagging
  • Voice print authentication
  • Transactions via a third-party web service
  • Third-party database queries
  • And more..​

Technolo​​gy that is never out of touch

Our patent-pending technology consists of an intelligent runtime decision engine and a rich stack of connectors. ​

  • Installed on the employee's desktop
  • Using open APIs and pre-built integrations with third-party applications
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Out-of-the-box functionality
  • Connects to all existing IT applications
  • Interfaces with the Real-Time Server for user ​authentication, third-party system access and data collection
  • Downloads designated solution files assigned using Real-Time Designer admin module
  • Periodically checks for updated solutions 

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