Real-Time Tech​​nologies​

Ma​king the best decisions at the best time

Customers contact your company all the time, via many different channels. You need to make each customer feel valued and understood, no matter how many thousands of interactions take place every day. We can help make that happen in real time, every time.

We make sense of historical and real-time customer data for quick, smart decisions at the moment of interaction. With NICE Real-Time Technologies, your agents know the most relevant offer to make to any given customer, the next-best-action to take, and the most personalized and effective script to be spoken – all of which are automatically refined as we learn more about customer preferences.

Making smart decisions on the fly is our specialty.

Real-Time Personalization

True customer engagement requires relevant content, promotions and offers. The more relevant, the more likely prospects are to become loyal customers. Real-Time Personalization transform untapped customer Big Data into personalized interactions, targeted offers, and timely service in real-time.


Real-Time Decisioning

Customers expect their issues to be resolved right away. But service agents don't always know the most appropriate reply or what the next-best-action might be. The Real-Time Decisioning engine analyzes interactions as they unfold, guiding your agents from their opening script through issue resolution.


Real-Time S​peech Analytics

There's much to learn from what people say - and from the way they say it. With Real-Time Speech Analytics you can pick up on key spoken words and identify accompanying emotions, in real time, to deliver rich and​ accurate next-best-action guidance.  


Desktop Tagging

Picking the most important customer statements out of your interaction recordings is like finding a needle in a haystack. By tagging specific words and key interactions as they take place, and creating meta data about each customer, our Desktop Tagging solution makes it easy to find the information you need.


Machine Learning​

Improve your next customer interaction by automatically analyzing volumes of past raw multi-channel customer interactions. Self-learning and adaptable, our technology helps you predict customer behavior and impact decisions as they are happening.


Voice Bio​​​m​etrics

Knowing who's on the other end of the line helps you deliver faster, more personalized service. Voice biometrics analyzes each caller's voice in real-time to determine whether it's a legitimate customer looking for speedy service or a fraudster that needs to be kept at bay.

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