NICE to Showcase its Cross-channel Interaction Analytics Offering with New Web Interaction Analytics, for Improving Contact Center Operational Efficiency, Inbound Sales Effectiveness and Churn Reduction


May 23, 2011

Integrating analysis of web self-service with contact center call content enables organizations to accurately map the customer interaction journey for improving service and sales provided via both communication channels

RA’ANANA, ISRAEL, May 23, 2011- NICE Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: NICE), today announced that it will showcase its new Web Interaction Analytics capabilities as part of its cross-channel Interaction Analytics at Interactions 2011, the NICE Annual Global Customer Conference, to be heldat The Venetian and Palazzo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, May 23 – 26.

Udi Ziv, President of the NICE Enterprise Group, said, “In a recent survey NICE conducted on customer channel preferences, of the many respondents who cannot achieve their objective through a company’s web self-service channel, more than 50% turn directly to the contact center for help. At this point, customers are frustrated and expect the contact center to pick up where they left off on the website, and address their needs quickly and effectively.”

Gareth Herschel, research director at analyst firm Gartner, Inc. said, “Cross-channel analytics that includes web interaction analysis enables organizations to correlate in real time a customer’s recent activity on a company’s website together with the current call to the contact center – and present this information to agents, for better service. It also provides insights that enable organizations to minimize deflected calls into the contact center, by enhancing their web self-service functionality accordingly.”

NICE’s Web Interaction Analytics capabilities will add to NICE’s business solutions for:

Contact Center Operational Efficiency: NICE provides cross-channel operational efficiency insights by analyzing the calls customers place to the contact center after a failed web self-service interaction. It correlates the call to the customer’s prior web interactions, performing automatic root-cause analysis for deflection into the contact center. This might be as a result of missing information on the website, or problematic or missing web self-service functionality. Organizations can reduce the volumes of failed web interactions that often drive customers to call into the contact center, directly impacting operational costs.

In addition, through cross-channel context integration, i.e. delivering to the agent’s desktop real-time information on what the calling customer attempted to achieve through the company’s website, and taking into consideration the contents of the call itself,  agents can provide more efficient service that is personalized and precisely relevant to the customer’s current needs.  As a result, organizations can better measure and deliver First Contact Resolution (FCR) across multiple channels and reduce Average Handle Time (AHT) by avoiding the need of customers to describe their prior web interactions.

Improved Inbound Sales Effectiveness: contact center agents automatically receive real-time recommendations on the optimal offer for the calling customer, based on a combination of an analysis of the customer’s prior web interactions, real-time speech analytics, and recommendations that may have been calculated by a campaign management system.

Churn Reduction: NICE’s enhanced cross-channel Interaction Analytics, combined with NICE’s real-time speech analytics and information from transactional analytics solutions, provides organizations with early churn prediction capabilities by receiving information on “hot” web patterns – i.e. a flow of specific web pages that when viewed by a customer implies churn risk. Such pages include service plan details, cancelation policy information, etc.

Mr. Ziv continued, “The importance of the contact center is evolving, customers are better informed, more savvy and more demanding. Though, the fact that web self-service and contact centers are typically siloed makes it difficult for organizations to meet their customers’ growing needs. The NICE approach is to break down these silos by providing them with real-time, cross-channel analytics – including integrated web interaction analytics– enabling them to effectively deal with multi-channel customer service.”

NICE’s Web Interaction Analytics captures and analyzes an authenticated customer’s web session interactions (e.g. bank account status inquiries, airplane tickets purchases, loan application submissions, or cellular service upgrade requests). This information is automatically categorized and is cross-referenced and compiled with other information gathered by NICE’s cross-channel Interaction Analytics specific to the customer.

The aggregated insights are compiled into a holistic profile of customer wants and needs. This information is pushed to agents’ desktops as they interact with the customer, providing them real-time guidance on how to best handle the call, as based on the customer’s past attempts to receive service, and the context of the current interaction. Additional benefits include the ability to track self-service deflection rates across time and perform root-cause analysis to determine points of web self-service failure for correction.

The NICE Enterprise offering addresses the needs of customer-centric businesses with intent-based solutions. Driven by real-time, cross-channel analytics, NICE provides solutions for increasing revenue, enhancing customer experience, improving regulatory compliance, and optimizing contact center and back office operations. NICE Enterprise solutions are implemented by contact centers of all sizes, branches, trading floors and back offices.

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