​open – NICE Development Partners​​​

Open for Innovation? Join the Success 

We welcome you to join open – NICE Development Partner Program for software and hardware vendors excited to grow their business by developing and delivering NICE based solutions. 

NICE open supports members throughout the entire product development cycle – from development, testing and certification through marketing and sales. Gaining access to a unique set of joint development enablement and marketing tools, open members will:​

    • ​Deliver tailored solutions quickly
    • Integrate and extend existing solutions
    • Develop new solutions
    • Accelerate business growth
    • Address customers’ needs
    • ​Easily upsell on top of NICE solutions

NICE open members leverage the NICE technology, market position and customer base to broaden their offering, expand market reach and unlock new sales opportunities through development and innovation.  

Join today by contacting open.partners@nice.com​ or click the ‘get in touch’ button.
 Certified Partners and Solutions

​​​Program Highlights​​​

  • Access to NICE SDKs, APIs and technical documents
  • Comprehensive developer support 
  • Access to NICE labs and testing services
  • Training sessions & webinars ​
  • NICE certification
  • Access to NICE logo and branding  
  • Co-marketing activities and opportunities ​​​