​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Call Volume Optimization​

Call centers are tasked with improving customer service for ever increasing numbers of customers while keeping costs low. NICE Call Volume Optimization solution optimizes call center efficiency by reducing call volumes and resolving issues in one contact, predicting and preventing follow-up calls and enabling customers to solve issues using self-service tools.

Predi​​ct and prevent avoidable calls

Based on NICE Customer Engagement Analytics platform, NICE Call Volume Optimization uses a unique combination of speech analytics, text analytics and transaction-driven contact analytics to provide a holistic picture of customer interactions across all channels.  Featuring powerful business intelligence insights, your call center staff can better understand why customers are calling. It's then an easy step to improve first contact resolution and prevent frustrated follow-up calls.

Clear un​​​derstanding and real-time guidance

NICE Call Volume Optimization solution allows you to:

  • Process millions of customer records from multiple channels
  • Automatically analyze structured and unstructured data
  • Assign contact reasons to any interaction, providing complete visibility into why customers are calling
  • View powerful and intuitive dashboards to understand issues requiring immediate, targeted action
  • Isolate and identify customers across channels and anticipate their next actions or questions based on past behavior
  • Queue agents in real time to offer customers a response to a predicted need
  • Easily create and automatically distribute tasks to relevant personnel across the organization based on patterns the system identifies​

Impact ca​​ll volume and customer satisfaction

With the NICE Call Volume Optimization solution, your contact center agents can improve their resolution efficiency, supervisors can take quick actions in real time and your organization can proactively address customer' needs before they arise, thereby enhancing customer'​ satisfaction and brand loyalty.​​

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