​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Big Data Technology​

​Big Data grid processing 

Using an in-memory distributed grid, NICE ICM spreads calculations across multiple servers with near linear scalability. This makes full use of available CPUs, removes the load from the database, and provides the best performance of any ICM solution, at a much lower cost. 

Our cloud technology further extends hardware cost savings - regardless of whether you select a hosted or on-premises solution. When needed, ICM servers can be utilized to process heavy tasks and then freed up for other uses.  Calculation servers may be shared across ICM environments, while other servers that are idle overnight can be used to speed up the calculation process. 

Intelligent recalculation 

An intelligent recalculation process facilitates incremental loading of data. Recalculations are applied only to plans and payees impacted by data changes, so that even the largest ICM system can be calculated multiple times per day – ensuring data is always up to date. 

Forms and workflows 

The NICE ICM pre-built workflows - such as inquiry management, plan acceptance and approval processes - can be further extended using the Forms and Workflow application. This lets you quickly add new, tailored workflows based on your specific needs.

Customizable payee experience   

NICE ICM makes it simple to build a portal experience for groups of users, from payees to managers to analysts.  Portal rebranding, changing style, layout and content are as simple as managing access restrictions.

Intuitive data loading and integration 

A user-friendly interface enables easy loading and integration of data from a variety of sources, including external database tables, text files and Excel spreadsheets.  Users can easily perform data cleansing and define rules to manage issues such as duplicate entries.


As a financial application, NICE ICM is built to meet OWASP security standards, with built-in auditing and authorization features. 

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