Handle Time O​​ptimization Solutions​

What's taking ​​so long and why it's bad for business​

The optimal average handle time – a critical KPI for contact centers – is when customer experience, service quality and operational costs are all in synch.

When your customers call your contact center, you want agents to make the most of the interaction. This means solving the customer issue efficiently and leaving enough time for value-add activities like next-call prevention, up-sales and building customer rapport.  

Real-Time Authenticati​​on

Authenticating customers is an integral security measure, yet the process can be time-consuming and compromise customer experience. Streamline this mandatory measure with our built-in real-time vo​ice authentication capabilities.


Handle Time​​ Analytics

Use NICE's powerful Interaction A​nalytics, for real-time and historical analysis, to reveal hidden drivers behind handle time discrepancies. Once you know which call issues, time periods, agents or procedures are slowing down customer interactions, you can take the right corrective action.


Real-Time Service Optimization​

During interactions with customers, your agents need to simultaneously access changing sources of customer and product information, memorize scripts and apply complex business rules. To be sure your agents choose the correct next-best-action during each live customer interaction, real-time contextual on-screen callouts provide quick and effective guidance. In addition, by automating routine desktop activities, agent handle time is shaved to a minimum while customer satisfaction is maximized.