NICE Performance Management (NPM) V7: Comprehensive Capabilities

​NICE Performance Management: A comprehensive approach to improving and engaging your employees

Foster a performance-driven culture through engagement and insight

NICE Performance Management propels the long-term success of your organization by comprehensively improving workforce optimization and customer satisfaction. Highly personalized tools empower frontline agents, back-office staff, supervisors and managers to efficiently meet performance goals. The result? NPM ensures that your organization consistently achieves better staff performance, higher CSAT scores, and greater employee retention.

NPM can transform performance by:

  • Providing accessible and easy-to-use metrics and analytics
  • Closing performance gaps with personalized coaching and actionable goals
  • Ensuring accuracy and increasing visibility through out-of-the-box WFO integration
  • Enabling behavioral change with robust, adaptive insights and actions

Download the e-book today to learn more about the value of NPM.

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