​​​​​​​​​​NICE inContact CXone ​Recording Pro

​​​​F​or more simple, efficient, and flexible recording

Today’s contact center is increasingly challenged to ​do it all, for less. Organizations are facing new contact channels, heavy compliance requirements and​ challenging customer expectations. At the same time, ongoing technology needs – deployment, software integration, updating and upscaling and system maintenance – cannot be ignored.

To adapt and adjust to the shifting demands of the fast-paced modern contact center, you need reliable solutions that can suit the needs of your users, while minimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCOs).

With CXone Recording Pro, you can leave the infrastructure, management and maintenance of your recording solution to us. You can skip the lengthy software or hardware deployment and get started quickly, for a faster ROI and a better customer experience.

CXone Recording Pro ​offers unparalleled flexibility to suit your needs

CXone Recording Pro eliminates the need to manage your organizations complex IT infrastructure and technologies. The most complete and flexible solution on the market, CXone Recording Pro offers an unparalleled ability to record voice interactions and agents screens that is integrated with CXone.

Part of a strong suite of best-in-class solutions, CXone Recording Pro also powers quality activities to ensure that the customer experience you offer your customers is optimal.

Realize the Advantages of Cloud-Based Recording

A single solution to capture, archive and replay interactions to ensure efficiency.

Record voice & screen – capture, archive, monitor and easily evaluate audio interactions, and screen activity on multiple screens using web RTC.

Compliance by design   to help organizations comply to the most stringent industry’s regulation, with dedicated manual or automatic pause and resume mechanisms for PCI DSS, and encryption to mask sensitive portions of interactions for compliance and security purposes.

Google like search and easy playback – provides unstructured and auto-suggest capabilities that are “google-like” and supports complex queries with multi-faceted search terms, across all interactions to reduce labor and increase productivity for QA, auditing and supervisor personnel.

Optimized archiving – with short and long term storage for better resources management and control on costs.

Fully Integrated with CXone QM Pro – to allow simple agent calibration and evaluation trough a single user interface

Eliminate the obstacles of ageing systems - always use the latest and best software versions available, thus removing the need to perform upgrades and/or manage multiple systems.​

Flexibility - no more need for monolithic applications. With CXone, chose a solution that adapts exactly to what you need
  • Pay as you go according to storage usage and number of users
  • Short term and long term archiving to suit your needs
  • Services Auto scale
Simplicity - d​esigned to allow you to quickly and securely adopt the suite of CXone applications
  • Integrated with CXone​ contact center infrastructure
  • Ease of Use
  • A single user interface
  • Integrated with CXone QM Pro
Security & Compliance - leveraging industry leading mechanisms and an end-to-end approach to security
  • Pause & resume mechanisms
  • End-to-end media encryption
  • Based on AWS

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