Robotic Automation

Automate repetitive, time-intensive manual processes

Just such robots are designed for the automation of routine processes in the front office, back office and your shared services organizations. Installed on virtual servers, these robots handle end-to-end processes, in an unattended way without any human involvement, essentially performing any task which the human user would otherwise do manually. A robot can carry out any type of task which is assigned to it, performing it quickly and accurately every time.

Desktop Automation

The digital assistant, an employee’s best friend

Desktop robots (aka attended robots) automate repetitive desktop tasks and provide employees with quick links to data and real-time next best action guidance in context to help them work more efficiently and accurately. Employees can focus on more engaging tasks and on providing a great customer experience, rather than on processes and systems.

Real Time Authentication

Effortless voice authentication

Combining a full set of technologies and real-time capabilities, NICE Real-Time Authentication uses Voice Biometrics to automatically verify the caller's claimed identity. It does this during the first few seconds of a call through natural conversation with an agent or even before the agent picks up the phone, using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). To complete the process, NICE Real-Time Authentication triggers agent guidance or fraud protection actions when needed.