​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Speech Analytics​​

​​Listening for the insig​​hts you need to hear ​

Modern consumers interact with their service providers in many more ways than in the past - email, social media, instant messaging, and much more - on average, almost six different channels in each customer relationship. And emerging technologies are creating even more interaction options.

And yet, NICE annual customer experience studies consistently show that over 80% of customers will choose to speak directly to a company agent whenever possible, primarily over the phone.

Are you list​ening to them?

You should. There's a wealth of information in those calls.

Our unique Speech Analytics solution, a key component of NICE Interaction Analytics, is the key to unlocking hidden insights for improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, greater operational efficiency, and better agent performance. We have combined best-of-breed technologies for both real-time speech analytics and historical (post-call) evaluation, to quickly categorize and analyze 100% of your voice communications.

  • Phonetic Indexing - By converting the entire conversation into a string of phonemes, the basic units of speech, our indexing technology can instantly identify a predefined list of words or allow free text searches. Fast and highly scalable, this approach is perfect for assessing calls as they happen and triggering next-best-action agent guidance or supervisor alerts
  • Speech-to-Text Transcription (STT) - This approach converts entire audio exchanges into standard text, facilitating deeper data mining. By independently identifying patterns, across many recordings and channels, our STT technology helps you find root causes and trending topics in customer interactions​
  • Putting these two technologies together in one system creates a powerful speech analytics solution that takes advantage of the best of both worlds: the fast ability of Phonetics Indexing to analyze and categorize a large number of calls in a very short period of time, with the root-cause analysis ability of Transcription to 'know what you don't know'

Going deepe​​​r for more complete insights

Let us take you to the cutting edge of Speech Analytics. Ready?

  • Speaker Separation - It's not enough to know what was said during customer calls. You need to know who said it. NICE software-based speaker separation uses sophisticated acoustic algorithms to separate two speakers on a single audio channel into two virtual channels, allowing their speech to be analyzed discretely.
  • ​Emotion Detection - Gauge the emotional state of your customers by analyzing their voices for telltale variations in pitch or tone.
  • Talk-Over Analysis - Highlight those moments when your customer and your agent are talking simultaneously, an indicator of customer dissatisfaction. When neither of them are talking, though, it's time to look for agent knowledge gaps. 
  • Hot Topics - Our analytics software uncovers and tracks the most frequent topics mentioned by customers, identifying trending customer satisfaction issues.
  • Root Cause Analysis - For deeper analysis, our root cause analytics engine drills down into trending customer reactions and hot topics for their most specific underlying drivers.
  • Visual Context Analysis - Our text analytics software also correlates identified root-cause phrases with other relevant phrases used during the same customer interactions. An intuitive graphic indicates how significant and how closely related the phrases are. for phone call transcriptions.
  • ​Call Part Analysis - Using our innovative technology, you can separate discrete parts of transcribed calls in order to isolate specific interaction weak points and take corrective action. An infographic makes it easy for your supervisors to quickly identify agent inefficiencies. 

Contact us​​​ today to turn your customer calls into actionable insights with our Speech Analytics solution. You've never heard anything like it. ​​​​

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