​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Predictive Analytics​

​​Improve bus​iness outcomes with smarter decisions

Do you know the next move your customer is going to make? Responding in the right way and at the right time is at the heart of creating loyal, satisfied customers. NICE Predictive Analytics technology provides comprehensive, easy to use capabilities that give your organization the power to know what will happen next and adapt accordingly to ensure the most profitable business outcome.

How does it ​work?

NICE Predictive Analytics uses our big data platform -​ NICE Customer E​xper​​ience​ Analytics​ – to assemble and organize a complete picture of customer interactions. It transforms that data into powerful models that guide real-time decision-making. The data is structured for easy analysis, customization and extraction, making it simple yet powerful for all levels, from beginners to experienced analysts.

Using Reinforcement Learning (a type of ​machine ​learning technology​) the system is especially suited to large amounts of cross-channel customer data. It can be deployed across multiple channels at enterprise scale to understand which products, campaigns and strategies deliver the strongest results.

Preempt you​​​r customer'​ needs

Using NICE Predictive Analytics your organization can make decisions with confidence and improve overall performance.

With NICE Predictive Analytics you can:

  • Make real-time automated decisions based on learned behavior to improve customer experience and profitability
  • Capitalize on the ability to take optimized actions for each individual customer
  • Easily configure, adapt and analyze the data
  • Deliver automated marketing decision-making​​

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