​​​​​​​​​​​​​Desktop Analytics​​

Find Out What is Happening on your Employee’s Desktops

A contact center or back office is often a complex management challenge. With many tasks underway and multiple desktop applications in use, it can be difficult to judge employee effectiveness, measure true handle times or identify process inefficiencies. 

For the employees, there is an ongoing demand to quickly master updated desktop applications, processes and compliance requirements, without compromising for a moment on customer service.

So, how do you know where - and on whom - to devote your resources to increase productivity? 

By closely monitoring employee desktop activities, by analyzing processes for weaknesses, by measuring concrete results to identify best practices, and, especially, by simplifying things for everyone.

Desktop analytics monitors and collects data for every application log-in, screen navigation, mouse selection, field entry or any other activity that your employees are performing on their desktops. ​

Get visibility so you can:​

  • Track desktop application use and web site visits - make sure employees are in adherence to your web site usage policies and to their work schedules
  • Monitor system active/idle/locked states to understand productivity levels 
  • Trigger a guidance callout or an automated workflow via a mouse selection/key stroke or field entry
  • Analyze processes - from beginning to end - to measure handle time and identify inefficiencies
  • See the different process paths employees take ​

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