​​​​​​Customer Experience Analytics​

​​Visualize and  ma​​​p the complete customer journey

Your customers interact with your organization on multiple channels. So it's vital that your organization can connect the dots to reveal impactful trends and patterns in behavior. Powered by NICE's robust Big Data platform, NICE Customer Experience Analytics maps every touch point and every turn within the unique journey of your customers.   

Customers today can interact with your organization in many ways, across multiple touch points, media and platforms. So how do you track the unique and complex experience of every customer? How do you ensure they receive the best possible service?  And how do you collate disparate customer engagement data that may be trapped within department silos, leaving you blind to the customer's overall experience?

How does it ​​work?

NICE Customer Experience Analytics applies a unique combination of technologies, including:

  • Contact reasoning across channels automatically assigns a reason for all customer contacts based on speech, text, desktop and transaction analytics.
  • Journey mapping tracks where your customers began and ended their interactions. Using repeat contact sequencing, it identifies a single customer on multiple channels and generates a chronological timeline of engagement.
  • ​Contact sequencing identifies the customer in each interaction and transaction and connects the dots between them. NICE Customer Experience Analytics finds repeat contacts across channels. Root cause analysis helps find out what is driving repeat contacts and how to increase first contact resolution and prevent future calls.
  • ​Predictive analytics detects and analyses cross-channel behavior patterns, allowing you to pre-empt future calls and reduce customer effort.

Deliver cohesive, cross-channel e​ngagement

NICE Customer Experience​ Analytics aggregates​ all of your customer interactions, transactions, feedback and agent data to provide an end-to-end picture of the customer journey. Armed with actionable insights, it's an easy step to reduce unnecessary call volumes, uncover journey bottlenecks, improve customer experience and create more favorable business outcomes for your organization.​

Contact us today to stay one step ahead of your customers' needs with a complete view of the customer journey.


Stay one step ahead of your customers' needs with a complete view of the customer journey