NICE Performance Management (NPM) V7: Key Feature Highlights

Performance management, redefined.

NICE Performance Management 7.0 does more than measure and report on your employees' performance – it empowers them to do their best work. For more than a decade, NPM has helped leading organizations realize accountability, consistency and transparency, and NPM 7.0 takes our employee engagement and workforce optimization solution to the next level. It's more personalized, more powerful and more engaging than ever before.

Find out how NPM 7.0 is redefining performance management by helping you:

  • transform employee behavior and inspire engagement;
  • operationalize insights with advanced analytics;
  • empower the team with a superior user experience; and
  • get next-generation infrastructure today.
Download the brochure to learn more about the highlights of NPM 7.0 today.

To download the brochure

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