Quality Management and Analytics, Like Smores and a Campfire, They’re Better Together

Summer is officially here, and with it comes the revival of favorite warm-weather pairings: Ice cream and waffle cones hot off the iron, ripe berries and velvety cream and, of course, the ever-popular campfire s'more. On its own, each ingredient of the s'more is enjoyable, but melding the complementary flavors of a honey graham cracker, toasted marshmallow and creamy smooth chocolate creates a campfire staple far greater than the sum of its parts.

Together, some things are just better. Just as the campfire delivers the s'more, quality assurance processes that use analytics monitor 100 percent of interactions to provide an accurate, efficient way of understanding areas of opportunity in a contact center. Leading-edge analytics technologies like machine learning, neural phonetic indexing and business intelligence reporting allow organizations to run their quality programs at a scale not previously possible. Marrying quality assurance processes with analytics empowers contact centers to achieve better outcomes and faster insights. Like s'mores, they're simply better together.

This summer, equip your teams with targeted monitoring and coaching that will result in better outcomes for your business. When quality assurance is powered by analytics, supervisors can focus on activities that drive better results by:

  • Homing in on agent interactions and targeting training to those in most need of assistance.
  • Easily evaluating coaching effectiveness and compiling customized coaching.
  • Increasing fairness and transparency.
  • Getting immediate results and comparing performance between teams. 

Agents are empowered and more satisfied by:

  • Monitoring and tracking personal performance and unlocking performance insights with a customized dashboard.
  • Engaging in their own success with self-evaluations and the ability to request coaching in specific areas.
  • Having confidence that the evaluation process, which reviews all interactions, is fair and unbiased.

​With quality management powered by analytics, contact centers can discover hidden trends and tailor quality assurance processes to their specific needs across a unified dashboard. Much like a s'more, the combined efforts of quality management and analytics raise the bar over traditional thinking and offer a high-value experience. Analytics impacts quality management business initiatives in five key areas:

1. Customer satisfaction and retention:

You don't always know what you're looking for until you find it. Analytics-powered quality helps identify emerging issues, trends and topics that merit quality monitoring. It enables the contact center to leverage speech analytics to capture caller sentiment from speech and text analytics that provide focus to a quality assurance program. Emotion detection technology can help supervisors identify satisfaction levels and identify opportunities to provide targeted coaching, training or kudos to agents. Agents are empowered to perform better through evaluation reviews and the ability to ask for coaching, request a rescore or acknowledge an accurate score. The result? A data-driven customer service culture that delivers more satisfied employees and happier customers.

​2. Operating costs: 

Repeat calls, excessive hold times and transfers not only lead to dissatisfied customers but also take up additional agent resources. By enabling contact centers to understand why customers are making repeat calls, analytics-powered quality helps increase first-contact resolution by identifying broken processes and coaching opportunities. Leveraging speech or text analytics helps uncover the root cause of inefficiencies by providing an understanding of the relationship between topics, and the relative occurrence of the topics, that cause repeat calls.

​3. Agent productivity: 

Few quality managers have the time to listen to and assess every interaction, but modern quality management with analytics tools can. By analyzing 100 percent of interactions, quality management powered by analytics allow contact centers to deliver near real-time coaching with dashboard alerts of performance trends that enable targeted feedback to increase coaching effectiveness. Supervisors have the insights needed to pinpoint not only the specific causes of customer dissatisfaction but also the specific events that cause it.  Giving agents opportunities for self-evaluation and correction boosts agent productivity and engagement while giving agents a stake in the QA process.

​4. Financial and regulatory compliance:

Compliance with regulations requires that contact centers evaluate every interaction or off-phone transaction, which can be a time-consuming step in the quality process. Analytics-powered quality management enables full visibility into script and regulation adherence and helps prevent agent breaches through real-time monitoring of all customer interactions or off-phone transactions. It frees managers to focus solely on the interactions that need their attention to prevent breaches from occurring.

​5. Upselling

A contact center's data offers a potential wealth of information that can inform how agents upsell. Quality assurance processes powered by analytics helps you deliver on that potential by identifying what your successful agents are doing differently and uncovering the customer groups that have the greatest opportunity for upselling. Quality managers are empowered to operationalize their findings and help every agent become an expert in upselling through targeted coaching and self-help tools.

As contact centers continue to evolve, with new contact channels, skill set requirements and elevated customer expectations, monitoring anything less than 100 percent of interactions can cause you to miss key opportunities for training and growth. Together, quality management and analytics enable contact centers to overcome these challenges for more effective, efficient quality management that truly aligns quality processes to the most critical business initiatives. So, go ahead, celebrate the summer … with faster insights, better outcomes and, of course, lots of s'mores.  After all, they're better together.​​​

To read more about Quality Management and Analytics - visit our website or read our white paper​​​!​

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