Will Customer Experience Improve in 2014? – YES! Top 5 Reasons

Customer experience is more important than ever.

Companies are realizing that creating and delivering an exceptional customer experience, one that is unmatched by the competition, is the key to gaining a competitive edge and the continued satisfaction and loyalty of the consumer.

I believe that 2014 will eventually become “the year of the customer” with significant investments by companies that focus on customer experience.

Here are 5 reasons why customer experience will improve in 2014: 

  1. The rise of the Chief Customer Officer(AKA: chief experience officer, chief customer experience officer, chief client officer)

    Over the past five years Forrester Research has observed an increase in the number of companies with a single executive leading customer experience efforts across a business unit or an entire company. These individuals often serve as top executives, with the mandate and power to design, orchestrate and improve customer experiences across every customer interaction.

  2. The rise of smart customers

    Customers demand great service. It’s a fact. They know more and they are connected to information and various communities 24 /7.

    Customer experience will improve because customers are insisting on it and are less willing to settle.

  3. Technology is more effective and targeted

    The technology for improving customer experience is more mature. With technologies that can help companies understand their customers, gather their feedback easily, track and analyze their journey, etc., it’s easier than ever for companies to enhance their customers’ experience.

  4. Because Google says so

    Go to Google trends and see for yourself. Analyze any search term related to customer experience. I’m pretty sure you will see that the trend is a positive one.

  5. Because one of the best ways companies can increase loyalty costs NOTHING

    Surveys show that a little kindness and helpfulness go a long way: 62% of customers whose loyalty increased attribute it to the rep being kind and/or helpful. 27% of customers whose loyalty decreased say their loyalty could be increased through greater kindness and/or helpfulness.

    It’s worth repeating: Kindness and helpfulness go a long way and don’t cost anything!

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