Why User Community Membership Means More than Just a Membership Card

A few years ago, a client from Latin America approached members of our NICE User Group (NUG) Board of Directors at Interactions, NICE’s annual conference.  The man explained that in Latin America, a membership card carries a certain amount of prestige, and he encouraged the board to start issuing some form of certification to its membership.  The board returned from the conference and immediately jumped on his idea, adding a tab on the NUG website that enables members to download customizable certificates in several different languages. 


As important as these types of materials can be to members, a certificate is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of belonging to a user group.  By joining NUG, new members immediately gain 10,000 new friends who are highly skilled in NICE technology and eager to help them be wildly successful in their jobs.  They can be reached directly using the member search “ask me about” functionality, and they can be found in person at chapter events and online in discussion groups.  The creative and intellectual mindshare of the NICE user community continually delivers “ah-ha!” moments for users who may be struggling with certain functionality or considering a new approach or business practice.

So as you print your membership certificate to display proudly in your office, make a point of directly engaging with your fellow members.  There’s no telling what all you can learn and achieve by connecting with other NICE people! 

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