Whistleblower or Zenmaster? Four Tips for Effective Coaching

Are you constantly whistleblowing in your one-on-one coaching sessions? Are your coaching interactions developmental discussions or real-time interaction management? Many coaches spend time reacting to bad metrics or working with the lowest performing agents without digging up the root causes of questionable results.

Here are four proactive measures you can take to shift from reactive discussions to proactive coaching and achieve coaching zen.

  1. Unearth the Root Cause

    Rather than basing conversations on an isolated call or a number that needs improvement, understand the underlying skill or knowledge gaps that drive the poor result. Not every agent’s performance gap has the same root cause (think hold time vs wrap time to address AHT), so create individual strategies for resolution.

  2. Focus on High Impact Behaviors

    Stay centered on the behaviors that yield high impact. Your company is trying to reduce cost per call. What will it take to drive success with each agent? For one it might be cutting the chitchat and for another getting back to his desk on time.

  3. Coach and Agent Engagement

    Coaches are expected to lead performance discussions, but in the end it’s the agent who must own the change in results. Balance must be achieved for coaching success. Put performance data at agents’ fingertips and train them to read the information. This enables self-coaching and increased partnership between the agent and coach.

  4. Close the Loop

    Stay on top of ongoing issues and check in on long-term goals. Begin each coaching session with a brief discussion of what you went over in the last session to close the loop on past issues.

Proactive coaching resolves skill and knowledge gaps and can provide context for daily management discussions. Trade in the stress of reactive coaching with these four proactive measures. Once you’ve implemented these keys to coaching enlightenment you’ll trade in whistleblowing for zen-like guidance to your team.

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