What’s the CX buzz this week? (9th Sep, 2014)

In this week’s CX Buzz, we discuss the ever-changing customer service environment and what you need to do to remain competitive. Omnichannel is the new buzzword, and those companies that know how to provide a seamless experience online, on mobile, in store as well as through their contact centers will come out ahead. Not to mention taking advantage of big data to personalize the customer experience to the max.

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Omnichannel Is the New Black [1to1media.com]

The term "multichannel experience" is no longer the reigning buzzword. Concerns about how to engage customers across different channels are being edged out by a larger challenge: connecting those channels to provide a seamless, or omnichannel, experience. Connecting insights and data in a comprehensive or single customer view is critical for delivering a seamless experience, but many companies are struggling to do so.  Read more to learn how this is done.

You don’t need to spend more on market research; you just need to listen better [customerexperiencemagazine.co.uk]

The last 20 years belonged to the Marketing Director who understood people. The next 20 years will belong to the Customer Experience Director who understands data.

Unstructured data is an invaluable resource for your company.  It consists of  ‘free text’ sources, such as customer emails and contact center transcripts, or the last question on the CSAT survey. Given free rein to speak their minds, revealing the thoughts behind their actions, these are the questions that you wished you had asked.  Read about why this is a treasure trove of data you can't afford to ignore.

Top 5 Emerging Trends for Customer Service [webgreeter.com]

Lance Mayer of webgreeter.com outlines the top customer service trends for the second half of 2014.

First, support channel preference is rapidly changing. More and more people are willing to chat online with a customer service agent rather than on the phone. Second, responsive and high-quality service is inevitable. If you don’t provide it, you’ll lose your customers to someone who does. Third, companies must adopt a proactive outbound communication approach through telephone calls, live chat and e-mails. Fourth, mobile commerce is rapidly rising; and fifth, Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs is gaining popularity.

Customer Service Means Listening and Taking Action [customerthink.com]

Customer complaints are a golden opportunity to do better. Listening to customer feedback and actually doing something about it allows business owners to shine when it comes to providing stellar customer service. This is old-fashioned advice, the kind your mother gave you when she told you to be a good listener. But sometimes the simplest advice bears repeating.

Rethink Customer Service Accountability with These 4 Tips [yfsmagazine.com]

When it comes to your business, do you know if your customers actually trust you? Depending on how your customer service representatives are trained and managed, you may be surprised to learn the answer. Ultimately, a customer who trusts you is a customer who stays with you and encourages others to use your product or service. Read this article for 4 tips on how to gain your customers' trust.

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