What’s the CX buzz this week? (9th Dec, 2013)

Our team collected some amazing articles covering CX, Big Data and other hot industry topics. Feel free to click through our picks! There’s a lot of great material for any professional in CRM to pick up on.

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Call Center Lessons Learned [informationweek.com]

We begin this week’s CX buzz with the following observation from Ken Faw, CIO and Vice President of Information Technology, American Laser Skincare: “Successful call center operations can make or break your business. Getting your processes and integration standards right are critical to keeping it all running smoothly.”

On that note, the author faced some interesting challenges while outsourcing their call center department. He offers the following guidelines that are critical to a successful call center operation:

  • Develop and implement a well-defined process integration strategy
  • Align all call center metrics into a single place
  • Include all the relevant departments in the process and establish proper communication channels among them

Have a look at this post to learn more about the reasons behind each of the lessons that were learned, to avoid learning things the hard way.

Good customer service depends on a connected approach, say fed-up customers [contact-centres.com]

Did you know that 70% of businesses ignore customer demands for a “single customer view” approach to improving the customer experience? Did you know 60% of customers feel that a company’s ability to link all of its previous interactions with a customer is a critical factor in providing good customer service?

Industry experts have been advocating this approach for quite some time now. If businesses want to “stay in the game,” they need to implement this approach.

Read this post for statistics that can serve as a wake-up call to service providers in every industry. What’s the bottom line?  Change your approach before running the risk of losing your customers.

Big Data causing big problems for the contact center – study [mycustomer.com]

Call centers are also data centers by their very nature. They collect and store various forms of information from automated telephone systems (IVR), customer call recordings, customer feedback, agent notes, customer issues, telephony information, call review information, and a wide variety of CRM data. Each of these can clearly impact a business’s revenues. However, if the data is not properly utilized, it doesn’t hold any value. Did you know that more than 25% of contact centers are suffering from data overload? The data is definitely there, it just needs to be mined and used correctly.

As this post observes, unless the right tools and guidance are applied, call center agents are neither able to handle the volume of data that is in front of them, nor able to extract the vital information they need to drive successful outcomes. Underutilization of data due to inefficient tools and lack of a strategy do not benefit companies.

Here’s How Much We Hate Holiday Customer Service [INFOGRAPHIC] [socialtimes.com]

48% of customers prefer phone contact with a business anytime throughout the year. However, the number drops to 33% during major holidays. Why? Because people get busier during holidays and have better things to do than dealing with (what they feel are) incompetent, inefficient and sometimes bullying customer service agents on the phone.

Take a look at the infographic in this post, which reveals some interesting customer service preferences during major holidays.

If Santa Claus Knows What Your Customers Are Doing, Shouldn’t You? [business2community.com]

We end this week’s buzz with an article as interesting as its title. This post is directed towards CMOs, and discusses how they are now becoming Chief Customer Officers. They are the drivers of nearly half of all Big Data initiatives in their companies. Big Data gives CMOs a 360-degree view of customers, in real time, across all channels. However, it does take a series of steps to get there.

The author, Darryl McDonald, Executive Vice President Applications, Business Development and CMO for Teradata, gives the following advice for aspiring Chief Customer Officers:

  • Gather data from all channels.
  • Integrate the data into a single source
  • Analyze data from all angles

Check out this post for more great tips!

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