What’s the CX buzz this week? (7th Jul, 2014)

There were many fantastic reads to choose from this week, but we selected the final top 5 for their quality of content and delivery. Topics covered include Predictive Analytics, VoC programs, and multichannel contact centers.  We’re certain you’ll find a lot of information within these posts that would be worth including in your next meeting or presentation. Please share the knowledge with other CX professionals, so they can also have some great material to work off of.

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Customer Support: Addressing the Omni-channel Imperative [1to1media.com]  

We begin this week’s CX buzz by talking about Predictive Analytics. Omni-channel might be hot, but that doesn't mean everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Although many enterprise companies are expanding their omni-channel customer support capabilities, small to mid-sized businesses are more likely to only offer support across a couple of channels.

Predictive Analytics can help companies of all sizes determine the digital channels their customers want most for support based on sentiment that's shared in recorded call center interactions, social media, surveys, and other types of feedback. From there, customer experience teams can use these insights to pilot support for a coveted channel (e.g. mobile) and work out the kinks until it’s ready for prime time.

Forget Customer Service, Think Customer Wowing [entrepreneur.com]

“Customer service” is an overused term that implies you are only serving customers and nothing more. Yet, there are many opportunities to convert one-time buyers into life-long customers by creating an environment that eats, sleeps, and breathes service. To accomplish this, the author suggests some pointers to excel in customer service:

  • Start simple with customer communication.

  • Make employees feel like owners.

  • Under promise and over deliver.

4 Ways to Win With a Multi-Channel Contact Center! [winthecustomer.com]

Multi-channel is more important than ever, as customers expect information to be available instantly and through the channels they already use daily. Here are some ways in which using multi-channel contact blending can improve your contact center:

  • Define the right customer experience.

  • Plan for proper resource utilization.

  • Identify measurable gains.

  • Manage service agent morale.

The State of VoC Programs, 2014 [forrester.com]

Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs play a critical role in improving the customer experience. They gather data for customer experience measurement efforts and uncover insights that help improve customer understanding.

Based on the survey conducted by Forrester about various VOC programs in different industries, here are some highlights:

  • Most VoC programs have been around for three or more years, are run or coordinated by a central team, and consist of fewer than five full-time employees.

  • VoC programs are still not taken as seriously as other programs in an organization.

  • VoC programs are still better at listening than at acting on the insights they find.

10 Top Tips for Customer Experience Process Improvement [callcentre.co.uk]

We end this week’s CX buzz with an article from a call center expert who suggests some of the following tips to improve the customer experience process:

  • Listen to your customer.

  • Actively identify areas that need improvement.

  • Encourage staff to contribute to improvement ideas.

  • Senior leaders must support the process.

  • Have a crystal clear vision in place.

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