What’s the CX buzz this week? (4th Aug, 2014)

For this week’s edition of CX Buzz, our team decided to focus on how to take initiative towards improving the customer experience in the contact center. Topics include the rise of the customer service standard, the customer experience battleground, and seamlessly creating a legendary customer experience. What we liked most about these articles is that the insights provided could apply to any and every industry.

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Technology is Raising the Customer Service Standard [winthecustomer.com]

When it comes to customer service, some may argue that the appearance of being accessible may be more important than actually being accessible. If a customer feels like his or her voice is being heard, and concerns are being addressed – that itself can be a victory for a business; in addition, of course, to actually addressing the customer’s issue successfully.

With more ways to reach the customer and more ways for them to interact with a business, customer relations are currently experiencing a sort of paradigm shift in the way things are done. Innovations in technology are raising the customer service standard. We are just beginning to see the impact the right application of technology can have on the customer experience.

Three Questions that Help Define Contact Center Workload [bradcleveland.com]

  1. Which customer interactions carry the expectation of an agent-assisted response?

  2. Should they be handled as they occur, or can they be deferred?

  3. Which interactions require a single exchange, and which will require a series of exchanges?

These questions can help you define and anticipate customer-facing work and help you plan more efficiently.

Customer Experience is the New Battleground [forbes.com]

For consumers, a product not only has to work well but has to look nice too. In recent years, this combination has become a baseline for many buyers, with hopes for something better. This hope is where your business can fight its battle to win new business. By delivering a superior customer experience, you will set yourself apart. With most of the competitive advantages of the past already commoditized, customer experience is an area that remains largely uncharted and ready for innovation.

Did you know that only 26% of companies have a well-developed strategy in place for improving customer experience? An obvious opportunity is presented to leave 74% of your competition in the dust.

What it Takes to Provide a Seamless Customer Experience [cmswire.com]

According to research firm Gleanster, 62% of brand marketers cite changing customer preferences and channel proliferation as their current top challenges. Only 4 percent of companies in a recent IBM study rated the multichannel customer experience associated with their own brand as "excellent."

Why is cross channel engagement and consistency so difficult? One set of answers is cultural and one set of answers is driven by technology. CMOs and CTOs are being asked to work together like never before to solve the technology integration riddle in order to achieve high levels of engagement, personalization and loyalty.

Creating a Legendary Customer Experience [linkedin.com]

The modern customer is more knowledgeable than ever before, and has more choices for their solutions. The biggest reason customers leave a company they do business with is the attitude of indifference from employees. This can be traced back to employees providing good customer service but a below average customer experience.

Overall, more businesses these days look for ways to reduce costs throughout the company rather than addressing the bigger issue: creating a legendary customer experience in an effort to retain customers. The age-old saying, "You have to spend money to make money" still rings true to this day. Developing yourself, co-workers, and employees to improve the customer experience is key to growth and success.

We hope you enjoyed our picks and bookmarked a few articles for future reference. Please don’t forget to share the buzz with other CX professionals. You never know which piece of information could come in handy for their next meeting or presentation!

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