What’s the CX buzz this week? (3rd Mar, 2014)

In this week’s edition of CX Buzz, our team selected 2 infographics (you know you love those visuals!), a transcript from a podcast (to read at your own pace) and more treats. We’re certain you’ll find a lot of enjoyment in our selections. These reads will also give you a lot to contribute in the next team meeting. After you’re done having your fill, be sure to share the buzz with other CX professionals!

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9 Facts That Will Change What You Think of Customer Service [Infographic] [winthecustomer.com] 

We begin this week’s CX buzz with an interesting infographic from CX expert, Flavio Martins. Did you know that 45% of consumers use the telephone to purchase products? 70% of those callers are put on hold!

It’s a sobering statistic, but it also offers a wonderful opportunity for companies to consider making a very basic correction in their operations to improve their customer experience by leaps and bounds.

Forrester's Top Trends for CRM in 2014. [forrester.com]

In this article, Forrester’s Kate Leggett compiled a list of trends in CRM for 2014.

Although 89% of executives agree that some kind of disruption in their digital operations is expected, only 32% say they are prepared to meet this challenge. Based on information like this, Forrester came up with a list of ten trends expected this year.

We hope your organization is prepared for most of the expected trends.

Infographic: The strategic imperative of smart data [mycustomer.com]

In this infographic, Chris Ward, Deputy Editor of MyCustomer.com, points out how various industries perceive the opportunities and challenges Big Data presents. He further adds that it requires the right people with the right focus to make the best use of Big Data by converting it to smart data.

We are sure you will enjoy this post.

Reduce Customer Effort, Get More Business [customerthink.com]

This article is a transcript of one of the podcasts by Eric Michrowski, a leading customer experience expert. He talks about his experience in the call center industry and how reducing customer effort was one of the easiest ways to increase the quality of the customer experience.

Enjoy the insights he imparts in this transcript.

Building Organizational Empathy: Perceive-Reflect-Adjust [experiencematters.wordpress.com]

We end this week’s buzz with an article that manages to be both technical and holistic in its tone. CX expert, Bruce Temkin, talks about viewing the customer experience from a broad perspective and introduces what he calls the P-R-A model to understand and develop organizational empathy for the customer.

The bottom line is that organizations should always look for opportunities to Perceive, Reflect, and Adjust to what they hear their customers are saying.

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