What’s the CX buzz this week? (3rd Feb, 2014)

We gathered a great mix of goodies for this week’s edition of CX Buzz. The articles we selected will make CX Professionals ponder things they may not have previously thought about. For example, is the customer experience solely about delighting the customer? Are businesses doing an injustice to existing customers by favoring new ones? We hope you enjoy and share these thought-provoking articles with others.

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What Kind of Customer Experience Are You Capable of Delivering? [linkedin.com]

We begin this week’s CX buzz with an article from Don Peppers, Founding Partner of the Peppers & Rogers Group, on identifying the kind of customer experience your business has the capability to deliver. According to Don, it all boils down to customer interactions and customization.

Using a systematic graphic approach to emphasize and explain his points, the author concludes that it is through a one-to-one customer experience that a business can realize the true benefits of managing relationships with customers.

Do the Math: What’s the Value of a Current Customer? [whosyourgladys.com]

The author believes that businesses do an injustice to their existing customers by introducing various deals and discounts to attract new customers. After all, current customers deserve to enjoy all the perks that are offered to new customers, because customer retention is more valuable to the business than customer acquisition.

Take a minute to review some interesting statistics and the thought-provoking infographic that the author displays at the end of his article to convey his points.

Customer Journey – What is your customers’ state of mind [customerthink.com]

In this especially interesting article, the author believes that many customer journeys only reflect a partial view of the customer experience. So which customer journey reflects the full customer experience, and what is the solution? The author suggests the best approach is to focus on the state of mind of the customer, instead of limiting oneself to looking for what seem to be moments of truth in any customer interaction.

Using a very simple matrix, the author explains that, by focusing on the state of mind of the customer, the customer experience can be better evaluated from the point of view of the customers themselves.

Delighting Customers/Exceptional Customer Service Critical? Nope. Myth! [work911.com]

In another interesting insight, which we have touched on previously, the author suggests that customer experience is not at all about delighting the customer, but has mostly to do with reducing the efforts being made on the customer's part.

The entertainment business is about delighting the customer. In the case of all other industries, having a glitch-free customer journey is what it takes to create an excellent customer experience.

What Customers Want: How to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience [huffingtonpost.com]

We end this week’s buzz with an article that talks about creating the ultimate customer experience.

Did you know that most companies mismanage 80% of their customer interactions? Did you know that only 20% of businesses have a well-planned strategy for creating and sustaining their customer experience? Take a good look at the Infographic in this article that shows many such examples, along with metrics that indicate possible approaches for creating an exceptional customer experience.

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