What’s the CX buzz this week? (30th Dec, 2013)

Our team collected some insightful articles on CX, including reflections on this past year in Customer Experience, and predictions for the future. One article discusses 2013’s shining star – the call center as data generator, and NICE’s Matthew Storm shares his 2014 CX prediction. Feel free to click through our picks!

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Customer Experience Innovation: Aligning Business with Customer [smartdatacollective.com] 

We begin this week’s CX buzz with a post that was written as part of the “IBM for Midsize Business” program. The author focuses on the value to any business of being customer-centric and fostering positive customer experiences. She goes so far as to suggest that businesses should run on the customer’s terms and not the other way around.  

The bottom line – aligning the business with the customer and prioritizing the customer at the highest level should be the basis on which all businesses operate.

Customer Experience Metrics Are Widely - But Not Effectively - Used, According to New Temkin Group Research [digitaljournal.com]

Did you know that the two most widely used CX metrics are “interaction satisfaction” and “likelihood to recommend”? Did you know that only 30 percent of businesses think they do a good job measuring a customer's emotional response after an interaction?

Read this post to get a stronger feel for the CX industry by reviewing the statistics provided by the Temkin Group as part of their recent research, “State of Customer Experience Metrics, 2013.”

The Absolutely Ideal Customer Experience is NO Customer Experience [linkedin.com]

Don Peppers of Peppers & Rogers Group has taken this position in all of his articles for some time now. According to him, good customer experiences generate less friction, and the best customer experiences are frictionless.

The author suggests that customers don’t buy any product for the pure enjoyment of buying; they buy it to solve a problem. A customer wishes for a good buying experience only because there is no other alternative. If the buying process is efficient and requires minimal effort on the customer’s part, then all the business’ other CX efforts wouldn’t matter to the customer. While I agree with Don’s view, organizations still have a long way to go until they can truly provide frictionless experiences. In the meantime, as service and product failure are very much part of reality, it is important to mitigate potential risk areas along the customer journey.

The Big Customer Service Disconnect [INFOGRAPHIC] [customerthink.com]

Customer service, customer loyalty and brand perception go hand-in-hand. It is much easier (and far less expensive) to retain your loyal customers than to acquire new ones. Did you know that 64 percent of consumers surveyed claimed that they tend to hang up after five minutes of hold time? Did you know this number increases to 91 percent if the hold time exceeds ten minutes?

Read this article and take heed of the many statistics that deal with the relationship between customer experience and customer loyalty.

The Year of Customer Success: Six Contact Center Predictions for 2014 [corvisacloud.com]

What is in store for call centers in the coming year? This article makes six predictions about the evolution of call centers into faster and better touch points for customers.

The use of Big Data, the arrival of new platforms, cloud services, and unified communications are some of the trends projected for the year 2014. The use of continuous advancements in technology will be one of the highest priorities for businesses as they work to remain competitive in their industries.

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