What’s the CX buzz this week? (2nd Jun, 2014)

For this week’s edition of CX Buzz, we gathered articles on the customer journey and customer experience management – but that’s not all! We also included an article on buzzwords, a great read on customer success management, and more. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this week’s collection, because there is something in it for everyone. And of course, don’t forget to share this knowledge with other CX professionals. You never know who might be in need of some of these insights for their next presentation.

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Customer experience management: Can you trust what post-call surveys are telling you? [callcentrehub.com]

We begin this week’s CX buzz with an article that points out several call center issues which would go unnoticed if you stick to the regular methods of investigation. Post-call surveys are an essential part of the call center manager’s toolkit -- but can companies trust what the surveys are telling them?

Companies need to stop thinking of their call centers as an isolated division. There is a lot of technology involved, but it’s not about the technology -it’s about the brand experience. Marketing departments and senior executives need to pay close attention to what they can learn from their call centers.

What Is Customer Success Management And Why Is It Important [blogs.forrester.com]

Kate Legget, Forrester Analyst and the author of this blog, asks the following questions to readers. What is customer success, why is it important, and why now?

Each of the questions are systematically answered by Kate, and at the end, you will see why.

Buzzword Battle: Omni vs. Multi-Channel [dmgconsult.com]

There is a new buzzword battle in the contact center market. The defender is the term "multi-channel," and the contender is "omni-channel."

When pushed, vendors explain that the difference between multi-channel and omni-channel is that the former is a failed concept and the latter is an unsullied one with great potential. In the world of "buzz," the words "multi" and "omni" are virtually interchangeable. What's different and worthy of attention is the growing emphasis being placed on building effective omni-channel contact centers to deliver an outstanding and consistent customer journey.

Customer Journey Mapping is a Catalyst for Change [loyalty360.org]

Customer journey mapping is becoming a critical tool that can transform organizations to make them think forward; “It’s a catalyst for change. If you can start mapping out what the future will look like, imagine the change you can create.”

With a customer experience map in hand, you will learn not only how your customers are moving through this new path to purchase but why they make the choices they do and how they feel about the experiences you deliver. The process also identifies pain points in the customer journey and uncovers how you can leverage new, emerging digital technologies to address those issues as well as optimize the customer experience for the future.

5 ways CIOs can win at customer experience [information-age.com]

We end this week’s CX buzz with an article in which Gartner VP and analyst Ed Thompson provides five CIO tips:

  • Gauge the commitment of senior management to the CX before expending resources.

  • Find out what initiatives are already in place and who’s running them.

  • Go beyond customer process re-engineering to customer process reinvention.

  • Get the basics right by stealing ideas from others.

  • Take a businessmodel view of digital innovation.

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