What’s the CX buzz this week? (29th Dec, 2014)

As the New Year approaches, our thoughts naturally turn to how we can make our lives better personally, professionally, and how we can reinvigorate our company’s goals and achievements. One place to start is with our company’s leadership. This week’s CX Buzz of the Week addresses the ways in which a company’s top executives can set goals and motivate employees so that the entire team works together more productively.

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Forrester's Top Trends for Customer Service In 2015 [forrester.com]

The author, Kate Legget, forecasts 5 trends in customer service that she will be watching in the coming year.

First, she writes, web self-service has surpassed the voice channel for the first time. This is because many customers wish to reduce friction. Second, companies will explore proactive engagement, whether its proactive chat or proactive content. Third, insights from connected devices will trigger preemptive service. As the Internet of Things becomes a business reality, companies will preemptively diagnose and fix issues with minimal human intervention.

Fourth, Legget asserts that companies will use artificial intelligence to interact with customers or advise agents on how to interact with them. Fifth, predictive analytics will enable service tailored to the customer's profile.

18 Steps to a Consistent Multichannel Experience [callcentrehelper.com]

The author, Jonty Pearce, reveals 18 tips from call center managers as to how to deliver a consistent multi-channel experience. Some of these tips are real winners. For instance:

Don’t make it difficult for your customers to find answers. Provide your customers with various ways to find information, such as your website, FAQs, webchat and social media.

Another tip is to pay agents well, to stop them training up and jumping ship.  In any job, writes Pearce, you get what you pay for.

Pearce also advises companies to have a dedicated email and live chat team while understanding what your customers are trying to achieve on each channel. Also, keep adding to your bank of FAQ responses. These can help your agents if they ever find themselves struggling for words.

All of the tips are excellent and you can read the article for the rest!

The 5 people you need for a customer-centric dream team [tmforum.org]

If you could compose a C-Suite that primarily served the goal of customer-centricity, who would it include? This is the thought experiment undertaken by author Rob Rich. Here are job titles he comes up with:

Chief Customer Officer – responsible for driving all aspects of customer relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. It would include a Chief Executive Officer, obviously, whose role is to create a sense of urgency for change and challenge a company to excel, providing stewardship over the development of the vision and communicating how it will make things better.

Obviously the Chief Marketing Officer has an important role to play as well. The CMO typically owns the voice of customer programs. Marketing also tends to be responsible for many functions that are critical to the success of the CCO, such as brand advertising, corporate communications, product management and analytics.

There is also the Chief Information Officer whose function is to identify new tools, and to identify and exploit the enterprise’s knowledge resources. Many CIOs head the push towards becoming digital or increasingly digital, and towards creating and monitoring business value from IT assets.

Finally, there is the Chief Digital Officer. The CDO is a relatively new role, but according to Gartner, there are more than a hundred CDOs serving in large enterprises today in more than 12 countries. The CDO is often responsible for the company’s digital business models, including how those models work, plus the management and delivery of digital assets. This is a very informative article and highly recommended!

Research Report: Inside The 2015 Boardroom Priorities [constellationr.com]

Constellation Research surveyed over 200 CXO’s and identified 10 boardroom priorities for 2015. As anticipated, digital transformation has emerged as a significant boardroom topic and market leaders and fast followers seek guidance on what elements are required in the design to support digital business.

Based on the observations, the bottom line suggests that digital Darwinism is unkind to those who wait. The past five years have shown the difference between those who invested in digital transformation and those who have not. The corporate digital chasm is massive among market leaders, fast followers, and everyone else.  Astute board members realize they must invest in transformational change or face a vicious Digital Darwinism.

The Six D’s of Creating a Customer-Centric Culture [linkedin.com]

Author, Shep Hyken, offers six ways to create a customer-centric culture. If you feel your company isn’t customer-centric enough, this is definitely an article you’ll want to study carefully.

First, he writes, you need to define customer service. Ace Hardware, known for their customer service, is known as the “Helpful Hardware Place.” They have defined customer service as being Helpful.

Second, he writes, disseminate it. Don’t keep it a secret. Just because you’ve defined the customer service experience, at this point it’s just lip service. Now you must train your employees on how to deliver it.

Third, deploy it – It’s time to execute. The employees have been trained. Now it is time to implement and act on the customer service initiative. Everyone must know it and be on board with it – even people who don’t have any contact with your customers. They have internal customers who they support. Customer service is everyone’s job.

This terrific article is worth reading in full, and we’re certain that will give some you ideas on how to improve customer service.

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