What’s the CX buzz this week? (28th Oct, 2013)

Our team collected some fascinating and very insightful articles this past week. Each of our picks offers a little something for everyone in Customer Experience to ponder. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below, or reach out to us on Twitter.

Customer Experience Controls Business Growth Today (Forbes)

Just because we live in a competitive, digitally connected economy, doesn’t mean your company’s growth should be a tricky process. There are some timeless golden rules which could be followed to make the process much easier. This includes retention; up-selling; smart marketing; and word of mouth referrals. Proper implementation of these guidelines will ensure a positively unforgettable customer experience for each customer.

Three Tips for Surpassing Customer Expectations (Destination CRM)

Can you think of a surefire way to delight your customers and exceed their expectations? By anticipating their needs while talking to them, and moving forward to resolve those needs! The results that can be achieved by leveraging predictive analytics are beneficial in the long term.

Your Service is Only as Good as your Systems (Customers that Stick)

Where do nearly half of the root causes for customer dissatisfaction and repeat contacts in a customer service environment stem from? They tend to originate out of system and process issues that aren’t in the direct control of frontline agents. This is regardless of how well the agents are trained on soft skills, or how charismatic they may be. It’s hard to deliver a good, scalable, customer experience if the right systems and processes aren’t in place beforehand.

Customer Feedback is Worthless without the Right Analysis (Genroe)

Customers are never shy when it comes to offering less-than-positive feedback. That’s exactly the feedback that contact centers ought to focus on to improve their processes. Unfortunately, many representatives ask the questions, obtain the feedback, but fail to follow up. Valuable customer feedback is meaningless if we fall short on root cause analysis, agent feedback, and continuous improvement.

Using Big Data to Target the Right Consumers with the Right Offers (Business 2 Community)

We noticed that in the past few years, Big Data solutions have become a reality, and now everyone wants to join the Big Data bandwagon. However, there aren’t many success stories to be heard. One reason for this could be that businesses trying to apply insights from Big Data are targeting the wrong problems, in the wrong way. Or, they may be trying to tackle too many challenges just because the data looks promising for everyone involved. Deciding where to start and how to use Big Data insights will help focus organizations on what can actually be accomplished in the first year or two. This post contains some great ideas on how to make it work for you.


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