What’s the CX buzz this week? (25th Nov, 2013)

Our team collected some fascinating articles this past week. Each of our picks offers a wealth of insight for all professionals in CRM to learn from. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below, or reach out to us on Twitter: @NICE_Enterprise.

10 Multichannel Customer Service Takeaways from Forrester (business2community.com)

We begin this week’s “CX Buzz” with a set of interesting statistics on multi-channel customer service from Forrester.

The importance of customer service centers continues to grow despite the increase of other customer touch points. This post indicates that after an unsuccessful attempt to resolve their issue online, 75% of US customers turn to the telephone, email and chat for customer service.

In fact this statistic was validated by our own global research and we couldn’t agree more with this as a globally valid statistic. It raises the importance of staying attuned to the customer journey (not just individual customer contacts) to improve the customer experience overall.

The Truth about Customer Experience (Teleperformance.com)

This article picks up some compelling research by McKinsey partners published in the latest edition of the Harvard Business Review, and talks about CX as an end-to-end process, which is not limited to any particular channel. A customer’s perception about a brand is based on his/her end-to-end journey and can only be improved if the contact center agents have the complete history of previous interactions at their fingertips.

Enjoy this small but very effective blog from one of our customers - Teleperformance. We appreciate the fact that many complicated points are made in a simple and crystal clear manner, and we’re sure you will too.

Using Customer Journey Discovery to decode and optimize the customer experience. (customerthink.com)

We all know that CX is very important for any B2C company. We also know that CX is an E2E journey. Now to improve CX you need to have control over all your customer touch points. It’s essential to follow the customer journey with great scrutiny. Why? To ensure an optimal experience across all the customer contact channels in your business.

This article talks about the methodology called Customer Flow Management (CFM) as a way to understand and manage customer experience. CFM helps you to keep track of and measure the customer journey, identify silos and thus drive efficiency.

Don’t forget to take notes once you get to the closing of this article. It details the invaluable, yet largely intangible benefit of CFM… an understanding of the customers’ experience of your brand.

The Customer Journey Redesigned: Looking Ahead to 2014 (icmi.com)

Here’s an interesting fact for you: In a recent survey, 15% of customers claimed that they would rather visit the dentist than attempt a customer service call. It’s quite alarming, no?

This article highlights some of the issues that lead to perceptions like the above, and it goes beyond it. Pick up some great ideas by reading this post on ICMI, which is one of the most trusted sources for contact center best practices.

2013 Customer Service Expectations & Frustrations [INFOGRAPHIC] (parature.com)

Did you know that 62% of global consumers switched brands, solely due to bad customer service in 2013? But wait, it doesn’t stop there - this is up by 4% from 2012!

According to the ninth annual Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Survey, consumers continue to have great expectations for customer service, yet they continue to be met by the same old frustrations instead. These include long hold times, and having to repeat the same information to multiple CSRs or across multiple channels.

Take a look at this wonderful infographic, which includes many interesting statistics. Be sure to seize the opportunities that are indicated throughout.

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