What’s the CX buzz this week? (24th Mar, 2014)

Our team collected a great mix of insightful reads on the customer experience this past week. The material covered in each of these picks will surely be useful to all professionals in CX. And as always – don’t forget to share the knowledge!

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Customer-Focused vs. Competition-Focused [customerthink.com]

We begin this week’s CX buzz with an article in which the author tries to shed some light onto customer experience using Amazon’s culture of excessive customer obsession as a reference. The author feels a customer can never be satisfied. Because of this, being competitor-focused may not serve any purpose in the long run for any company. Relentless focus on continually satisfying customers is where energy should be directed.

We are sure this article will prepare you for the rest of the blogs this week.

How the Rules of Customer Satisfaction Have Changed [entrepreneur.com]

“Customer satisfaction is the link between short-term success and long-term growth and prosperity.”

Although technology has advanced leaps and bounds, customer satisfaction is still the same. But the rules of achieving customer satisfaction have definitely changed.

A connected customer is an engaged customer. A satisfied customer will spread the good word far and wide. Management must lead the way to espouse customer satisfaction as the number-one mission. Following such ideas will not only result in better customer experience but will also affect revenues tremendously in the long run.

Customer Experience Is Emotional? Oh, Yes. Always Has Been, Always Will Be [cmo.com]

Just because technological advancements have helped in improving customer service, it doesn’t mean one must ignore the emotional angle. In fact, customer experience is all about how your customers feel about an experience. Customer experience is inherently driven by emotion; it is what your customers think it is.

The gaps between expectations and perceived reality is where emotion (and experience) occurs. Measuring these emotions and understanding which are more important to which customers, as well as which are most relevant to driving desired business results (acquisition, retention, increased purchase, brand engagement, etc.), is one of the key disciplines your customer experience efforts need to embrace.

The Customer-activated Enterprise Insights from the Global C-suite Study [ibm.com]

This recent report from IBM sheds some light onto how the C-suite is preparing for the future. Some of the observations are as follows:

  • Technology being the top-most agenda.

  • Intensified collaboration with customers, partners and employees.

  • Organizations that have a united C-suite are more likely to be outperformers.

6 Ways to Make Customers Fall in Love with You [INFOGRAPHIC] [winthecustomer.com]

We end this week’s CX buzz with a very interesting infographic shared by Flavio Martins, a CX expert. We are sure this post will entertain you.

Did you know 73% of customers choose to love brands based on friendly customer service? Did you know 75% of buying experiences are based on emotions? These and other such statistics will definitely catch your interest.

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