What’s the CX buzz this week? (23rd Jun, 2014)

We collected a fascinating batch of articles for this week’s edition of CX Buzz. Each of these picks were hand-selected by our team for their level of insight, and enjoyment. Topics covered include troubleshooting customer service, customer journeys, and steps to customer success. We are certain you will find great use of the information shared in these posts. Don’t forget to share the knowledge with other CX professionals!

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Why should I care about customer experience marketing? [strategicdriven.com]  

We begin this week’s CX buzz discussing the importance of customer experience marketing. Focus traditionally has been on getting new customers in the door. Marketing departments create and fill sales funnels only to lose revenue when customers are filtered out. All the time, money, and energy go down the drain.

There are ways to grow your business without doing any more work or investing in new sources for customers. Focusing on your best customers is a smart way to keep them, and they just might bring their peers along for the journey.

Improve Customer Service with These 5 Essential Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Tips [business2community.com]

Solving problems for your customers quickly is a key component of customer satisfaction. The author suggests the following to improve customer service:

  • Never assume

  • Listen carefully

  • Establish priorities

  • Confirm and validate before taking action

  • Understand why the fix worked

Surprise! Customer Service Doesn't Need To Be Delightful - Just Effective [forrester.com]

Forrester data indicates that valuing a customer's time is the most important factor of good customer service. Consumers have little tolerance for long or difficult service interactions. It is also observed that older customers are as intolerant to friction in service interactions just as the younger customers.

Kate Leggett, a Forrester analyst, CX expert, and the author of this blog, provides certain tips to offer effortless customer service.

From customer journeys to services and experience [informaat.com]

This article introduces a simple four-stage framework for customer experience maturity. The stages of the framework are as follows:

Stage 1: Customer service

Stage 2: Customer journey

Stage 3: Customer-centric services

Stage 4: Customer experience

Here are the 4 Steps to Customer Success [cmswire.com]

We end this week’s CX buzz with an article containing the study from Forrester of companies with strong CSM programs and found they tended to follow four steps:

  • Articulate – Identify important customers

  • Focus – Consistency across all channel

  • Organize – No silos across the company channels

  • Data – Capturing, maintaining, and analyzing right data

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