What’s the CX buzz this week? (23rd Dec, 2013)

Our team collected some insightful articles on CX, including reflections on this past year in Customer Experience, and predictions for the future. One article discusses 2013’s shining star – the call center as data generator, and NICE’s Matthew Storm shares his 2014 CX prediction. Feel free to click through our picks!

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2014 – The Year of the Employee [customerthink.com]

We begin this week’s CX buzz with an article from our very own Matthew Storm, Director of Innovation and Solutions for NICE Systems. Matthew talks about employee engagement and predicts that 2014 will be the “Year of the Employee.”

The author reveals NICE’s principles regarding call center employees, and suggests some good ideas to keep employees interested, focused and motivated. Bottom line: Engaged employees deliver an excellent customer experience.

5 ways to a customer-centric contact center [retailcustomerexperience.com]

The Internet has impacted almost every industry. However, one must not forget that it is still people who make things happen. A company can do all sorts of things with the Internet to improve its business, but in the end it is the company’s customers that should experience the difference.

So how does this affect call centers? The author describes five ways companies can make their call centers more customer-centric and turn call center interactions into real business value with the help of technology.               

Customer Experience: What is the Opposite of Convenience? [katenasser.com]

What would most people think is the opposite of convenience? Inconvenience? If that was your answer, then Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ and the author of this article, foresees that you will face challenges in retaining your customers. Because if your customers are experiencing inconvenience, that can lead them to become angry, which then leads them to ranting about you on social media, which creates an opportunity for your competitors and a lost customer for you.

The author provides some critical advice which, if implemented, will impact the overall customer experience and get things going in the right direction for you.

 A Look at the Call Center Crystal Ball: 2013 Year in Review [spoken.com]

This article looks back at some predictions made at the end of 2012 in regard to companies’ perceptions of their call centers. It concludes that companies seemed to view their call centers with greater appreciation in 2013. Where they were once viewed merely as a cost center, 2013 saw them as data generators of valuable customer information.  

Read this article and see for yourself the degree to which 2012’s predictions came true and in what direction the call center industry is headed.

 The Future of the Customer Experience [richardrshapiro.com]

We end this week’s CX buzz with an article that seems, on the surface, to be quite ambiguous, but is one that actually has very profound meaning. The author concludes by stating that the future of the customer experience is difficult to project. He warns that a customer experience that relies almost exclusively on technology and lacks significant human involvement will never be satisfactory. The perfect scenario will always be a proper mix of technology and human interaction.

From a call center perspective, it must be understood that customer issues are never the same, and neither are the solutions for issues the customer presents. It would take much more than an Artificial Intelligence to raise the level of CX. Businesses must recognize that customers like to create their own experiences. So listening to their interactions and reviewing them after the fact is very important for any company’s future success.

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