What’s the CX buzz this week? (20th Jan, 2014)

We gathered a fantastic mix of articles for this week’s edition of CX Buzz! This collection offers many lessons on CX dos and don’ts, as well as tips, tricks, and secrets to success. The information we gathered will certainly be useful for CRM professionals in all stages.

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Six Things Every Customer Experience Center Can’t Do Without [smartcustomerservice.com] 

Managing your customers and ensuring that they have a wonderful experience with your product and company may be your job, but do you have the right tools to ensure your success?

We begin this week’s CX buzz with advice on maintaining the perfect environment in any call center. Areas touched upon in this article include having happy and efficient employees, seeking and making use of feedback, and providing customer information. There is also mention on how to gather problem/root cause information, collaborate between teams, and on having appropriate internal systems and multichannel presence.

What Really Creates Customer Loyalty? (INFOGRAPHIC) [customerthink.com]

Did you know that 60% of customers reported frustration after talking to a call center representative? Did you know that 80% of customers have prematurely ended a transaction due to poor service? Yet 90% say they prefer to seek service on the phone over any other channel!

Poor customer service is the fastest way to lose a customer. Many companies are investing in newer technologies, seeking feedback and opening multiple contact channels. Very few are concentrating on improving their services. Flavio Martins, a CX expert and the author of this article, says that smart companies realize that excellent customer service is the “real deal” in its ability to both attract new customers and create stronger loyalty from the customers you have.

Our Customers are in Control: 5 Factors for Success [ecornell.com]

Brad Cleveland, Senior Advisor, ICMI, feels that when it comes to customer service, the equation has tilted towards customers. It is their expectations that drive the customer service market. He suggests five key factors that businesses need to understand and focus on:

  • Top leadership should be aware of the customer’s expectations
  • Customers should have a range of choices for obtaining information or services
  • Backend systems and the workforce must be optimized to provide consistent services
  • Every customer interaction must be seen as useful in developing relationships and capturing insights
  • A culture of providing the best customer service must be developed within the internal teams

The Future of Customer Experience in 2014 [beyondphilosophy.com]

It is that time of the year – predictions for 2014 are being offered everywhere. So what does 2014 hold for those of us involved in the Customer Experience discipline? Some of the expected trends are: technology spending, omni-channel service, preference for analytics and Big Data, employee engagement, understanding customer emotions, and improvement in CX metrics.

The author, Colin Shaw, has also created a “naughty list” of issues that that could be problematic in the area of CX in 2014. Hope you have a good read.

5 Predictions for CX in Customer Service for 2014 by Brian Curran [blogs.oracle.com]

We end this week’s buzz with another set of predictions coming from Brian Curran, Vice President, Customer Experience Strategy & Design at Oracle. Some of Curran’s predictions are:

  • Reduced customer effort is becoming more important than the overall experience
  • Loyalty is developed during the customer service interaction
  • Supportive customer interactions lead to higher rates of conversion

Enjoy the post.

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