What’s the CX buzz this week? (1st Sep, 2014)

In this week's CX Buzz, we get down to brass tacks. By now, we all know that customer service is a prerequisite for the success of any business.  We also know that analytics and big data are a crucial component of delivering personalized customer service. So now what? How do we implement these insights? This week's CX Buzz is replete with practical tips for what to do and not to do to implement great customer service, from 5 customer service fails to avoid and to 7 best practices for going "omnichannel."

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The 5 common customer service fails to avoid [iwantitnow.walkme.com] 

For any business, excellent customer service is a prerequisite for growth and, consequently, success. Unfortunately, not all businesses know exactly what customer service entails.

5 Common Customer Service Fails to Avoid:

  • Lack of communication
  • Failure to elicit feedback
  • Slow response
  • Incompetence and failure from the staff
  • Ignoring the power of the phone

Going OmniChannel? You have to do these 7 things well [forbes.com]

The term “omnichannel experience” burst on the scene last year as the next step in the evolution of customer engagement. The challenge is that the more sophisticated customer experience and omnichannel concepts become, the less organizations are able to operationalize them. Some methods to obtain omnichannel success are:

  • Gathering the right information about customers
  • Using big data correctly to determine what is relevant
  • Aligning company executives to customers

Why customer retention should be the end goal of customer support [mycustomer.com]

New customers are difficult to obtain, so keeping the existing ones glued to your brand is a clever business tactic. No matter whether you work in real estate, information technology, retail, or any other industry, you are likely to be facing intense competition. The days when there were a few players in any business arena are long gone. Today, every business has to contend not only with big players in the industry but also with new emerging competitors. Under these circumstances, getting new customers from the market takes a lot of time, perseverance, and hard work.

Customer effort, net promoter and thoughts about CX metrics [experiencematters.wordpress.com]

The choice of a metric is not the cornerstone of great customer experience. Instead, how companies use this type of information is what separates CX leaders from their underperforming peers.

The four characteristics that make customer experience metrics efforts successful are the extent to which they're 

  • Consistent
  • Impactful
  • Integrated
  • Continuous

The meaning, measurement, and analysis of the employee experience [businessoverbroadway.com]

Managing the employee experience is critical to the success of your business. Employees, after all, build the products and deliver service to your customers. In short, they help ensure the customers receive a great customer experience, which translates into happier, loyal customers. Consequently, business leaders are seeking to better understand how to improve the quality of their relationships with employees.

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