What’s the CX buzz this week? (18th Aug, 2014)

For this week’s edition of CX Buzz, our team addresses how to use data and big data correctly to maximize the customer experience.  We are certain you will find a lot of use out of the facts, stats, and insights provided in this collection.  And don’t forget to share the knowledge with other CX professionals!

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Is Your Brand's Personalization Really Customer-Centric? [cmswire.com]  

True personalization makes brands competitive, but what does true personalization mean? True personalization gives brands the opportunity to be wholly customer-centric at every point of engagement. It's not just about increasing conversion rates. Instead, personalization is a continuous effort to improve every step of the customer’s experience so that visitors will return, purchase again, and become loyal.

In old-fashioned bricks-and-mortar businesses, you would build a relationship with your customer. In the digital age, big data can be used to know just as much about your customer and personalize their experience.

8 Reasons Big Data Projects Fail [informationweek.com]

Big data is all the rage; and many organizations are hell-bent on putting their data to use. Despite the big data hype, however, 92% of organizations are still stuck in neutral, either planning to get started or avoiding big data projects altogether. For those that do kick off big data projects, most fail, and frequently for the same reasons.

Bottom line: Most companies remain on the big data sidelines too long, then fail. Asmall-scale approach where the cost of failure is low, can help you get off the ground.

Technology and marketing disconnect hinders customer analytics success [cmo.com.au]

A fundamental disconnect has been observed between the way technology and business teams perceive customer data, resulting in lost opportunities for marketers. This is the observation claimed by Forrester Research principal analyst Fatemah Khatibloo. She raises the perennial challenge of tech professionals, who are focused on acquiring more, bigger and faster data vs. business teams that actually need to make sense of the data to solve business problems.

Why Bad Customer Feedback Is Good For Business [ibtimes.co.uk]

If you took a poll of global businesses, you'd probably find that the vast majority are focused on complaint-reduction. They assume that if they receive fewer complaints this month than they did last month, then customer satisfaction is going up. Paradoxically, the author points out, there is no correlation between the number of customer complaints and customer retention. In fact, customers who had a complaint that was resolved to their satisfaction tend to be more loyal than customers who never had an issue at all! The author suggests that inviting complaints from customers is one of the very best ways to improve customer retention.

Before You Can Be Customer Centric, You Must Be Employee Centric [linkedin.com]

One of the most popular phrases in customer service today is “customer centricity.” This refers to the idea that everything the company does, every system and process that runs the business, should have the customer in mind.

The author goes on to suggest that the company is responsible for its employees (internal customers) in the same way that employees are responsible for their customers. In fact, the way you service your internal customer needs to be just as “customer centric” as you want the organization to be toward its outside customers. So, it stands to reason that your organization must be employee-centric before it can be customer-centric.

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