What’s the CX buzz this week? (17th Mar, 2014)

This week’s edition of CX Buzz features many words of wisdom from big names in CX. From the art of CX, to connecting CX to business growth – professionals in CRM have a lot to pick up on from these reads.

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What’s the Next Big Thing in Customer Experience? [customerthink.com] 

We begin this week’s CX buzz with a well-drafted article that talks about the predictions for customer experience in the year 2014. The author points out that the similarity between most of the predictions is the potential of technology delivering better customer experience.

The author later cautions that customer experience is more about emotions than just technology. Being bold, human and having a holistic approach towards the customer journey is the best way to create an excellent customer experience.

 The Art of Customer Experience [mikeandthecustomer.com]

In this post, Mike Bird, a CX expert, admires a statue for its perfection. He notes, that such perfection is only possible with hard work and intent to impress the observer. Similarly, customer service might help you increase your profits but it is the intent of delivery that enables a world-class customer experience.

Enjoy this interesting article.

 The Man with the Folding Chair [linkedin.com]

Don Peppers of Peppers and Rogers Group frequently uses interesting anecdotes to explain his key points to readers. In this article he uses a classic example to point out that for any customer experience strategy, the planners should take into the account the emotions of their customers while planning customer journey strategies.

We are sure you will like this article.

How to Connect Customer Experience to Business Growth [chiefcustomerofficer.customerbliss.com]

Jeanne Bliss, a CX expert, mentions that although customer experience is directly related to business profits, customer growth and profitability matrix should only be a part of customer experience and not the whole customer experience in itself. She goes onto suggest these points for CX leaders to follow for a successful customer experience campaign:

  • Value customers.
  • Grow profitability through organic customer growth.
  • Acknowledge silos in metrics.

Why Complaints Are Good for Business [conversation.which.co.uk]

And we end this week’s CX buzz with an article from the ‘Queen of Complaints’ and the author of the book and blog ‘Letters of a Dissatisfied Woman,’ Ingrid Stone. Ingrid frequently writes to companies when she’s dissatisfied with their service.

In this article Ms. Ingrid justifies her actions by stating that customer complaints are in fact a boon to the companies. It avoids these companies bad publicity as well as allows the company to realize the issues within its systems very quickly and easily.

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