What’s the CX buzz this week? (16th June, 2015)

This week’s CX_ Buzz should be called CX_ Customer_ Journey_Buzz. We focus on five, yes that is right... five different articles that talk about the importance and understanding of the customer experience journey. If you are planning or need to review yours, definitely read these articles first. Don’t forget that we have a wealth of insight ourselves at NICE Systems about the Customer Journey to get you started, so be sure to check it out.


Journey maps are essential for helping companies understand their end-to-end customer experience from the customer perspective. Unfortunately, many journey mappers embark on this activity without articulating what they want to get out of it — and without fully grasping that there are several variations of journey maps to help them achieve their objectives. Here Kerry Bodine [kerrybodine.com] identifies four different types of journey maps and explains how each one works. 

Now that you have read the piece above from Kerry Bodine [kerrybodine.com] about the four different types of customer journeys = you are practically an expert. Let Adam Toporek [convinceandconvert.com] walk you through the seven steps you need to help get you started with your mapping. Starting with step one: Walking through the customer experience. 

Continuing our focus on Customer Journey Mapping in this week's CX_Buzz, here is an insightful piece from ClearactionCX about applying insight's everywhere. What does that mean exactly? It’s simple, plan from the beginning to involve everyone in understanding and managing their ripple effect on customer experience.

When it comes to sales much of the focus is on sales funnels, sales cycles and the sales process. Al Davidson [customerthink.com] reminds us that it’s also important to remember the customer’s point of view and not to forget in the process that the most important thing is to create a customer experience that builds trust every step of the way. Here are a few of his ideas for how your company can establish trust and build relationships with customers throughout the customer journey. 

To wrap up our customer journey focus, Wim Rampen [wimrampen.com] shares with us his "things not to forget when painting the picture of your customer journey." He suggests you stick this to the wall of the room where you are doing your planning.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s CX Customer Journey Buzz, be sure to respond in the comments or tweet us @NICE_CX​.
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